windshield | Is the Renault Fuego coming back? 2

windshield | Is the Renault Fuego coming back?

The Renault Fuego became an icon of Argentina in the 1980s (see note) after being marketed in other European countries. The first units were introduced to the old continent in 1981 and imported in 1981. Soon, more specifically in 1982, the diamond legend began at the Cordovan plant in Santa Isabel (see note) and production was consolidated along with the Ford Sierra XR4, its main opponent, as one of the most attractive cars of the moment (see note).

The rivalry not only occurred on the local market, but also reached national motorsport categories such as TC2000. La Fuego was derived from the Renault 18 (see note) and was the last coupé model to be made in Argentina after it left the assembly line in 1992. In 1987 a new version called GTX with a 2.2 engine with 116 HP was added. Power and after a year of commercialization it took on a new redesign in 1988 and the GTA variant went on sale.

At the beginning of the following decade the name became GTA MAX until the end of its life cycle. There were also versions like TS, TL, GTS and TX.

During the last time, new projects for the model were presented to see the light again, with different changes in relation to the traditional coupe. In return, the French brand gave no indication of acceptance of the proposal, but at least for the moment the first prototype already exists. The concept takes up the retro essence of the car of the 80s and 90s, but also contains various modern lines from the 21st century.

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