WFH or how to work from home for those who are not used to it - thinking about 2

WFH or how to work from home for those who are not used to it – thinking about

With the
Further development of the corona virus many companies, but above all technology
Increasingly from other industries, they are asking their employees to work from there
Your house, to avoid sources of infection in your rooms. Only a few are
who are used to working from home, so more than a list of
Advice, logic is behind the lists.

Consistency is the key to remote working
You cannot have it if you have no routine, no space and the tools to do it
But if you have all of this and forget what you can do well
Be productive, you will have a problem.

Having a routine is good? Because that's what enables you to separate what
personal work, and that your life does not become a headache
Does your family imagine that they can ask you a thousand things all day long?
In the end, you answer business emails while having dinner with your dinner
Family … or just look at the ceiling in peace.

Routines have steps, and that allows them to integrate them as something
automatically; Although the lists are good no two routines are the same and
If you are working remotely, you can create one that works for you
. For example for me
It helps me have a coffee and quickly start prioritizing emails and leaving emails
Agile the easy way, or perform tasks that aren't focus 100% -no, in
Seriously, the one who tells you that he has 100% focus for 100% of the day is a
Liar As soon as I find that there is a curve of problems … I get up, me
I take 30 minutes and have breakfast (seriously) and then sit down and work (seriously).

Honestly, No.
A "designated" work area becomes complicated
with or without corona virus. And if you say workspace there
It has to be a separate room. Why is this advice repeated? If there is one
A place where you have everything you need to work, where you sit specifically
to work every day and where you avoid distractions … it will allow you
really work. If you live alone, you can concentrate and if you live with
Family that they also understand that you are working and not looking
Netflix in pajamas (make a space for it on the day: P)

Your health
It will thank you for having a basic package and there are three key components in
the tools to work from home: chair, noise canceling headphones
and a quality router
; and although we would all like to have a Herman
Miller Aeron, some Bose QC35, and a mesh network … you're good to go
any play equipment / chair because sometimes they have better prices and
Ergonomics that are amazing. A good chair is key because you will be
sit for a long time in a room that is not generally intended for this.

Health, the logic behind all the lists is simple: work at home
You have less incentive to go out, you go almost nothing and you are not even
stopped what is necessary. Take your time and do something, even if it's 40 minutes on foot
a constant rate to keep your basic metabolism high. Not everyone has to
Go out to show that they ride 80 km a day or that they are
Crossfitter. Advice from someone with a stent: at work from home
You don't have to commute and now you have time to devote yourself
40 minutes for your health. Lock your schedule and do it when it serves you
. Some will tell you, "I left at 4am that endorphins did it
Quiet "… frankly, you don't have to do it in a way

Speaking of discomfort, your biggest distraction is the phone. Will block
Notifications (except for key people and family members) disable synchronization
Emails outside of business hours and no stress because you are not in the
As a "work border" I have the advantage of
Working remotely with a (direct) team in Seattle, San Pablo, New
York, Great Britain, Israel, Dubai, Japan and China. If I let her
Notifications and emails are synced when I receive them
24 hour notifications and it is impossible to deal with this rhythm.

It is
The same applies if you have responsible persons? Yes, but you also have an obligation to give yours
Team the opportunity to have communication channels to know the pulse of
Doing business and promoting a team spirit that can be in remote environments
a challenge .. but for another day that my exercise alarm went off and i got
what to leave: P

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