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Ways to Promote Happiness in the Classroom

A happy student is a person who is more willing to learn, to concentrate, to remember and who is ultimately more open to accepting new knowledge. In addition, happiness in the classroom helps to create better relationships between peers and between teachers and students and to create a healthy and very positive learning environment that you always want to return to.

For this reason, today's article focuses on giving tips to promote happiness in the classroom and in this way contribute more effectively to the learning of all students.

Ways to Promote Happiness in the Classroom 1 Tips for promoting happiness in the classroom

  • Always listen actively

When people have the feeling of being heard, they also feel more valued and loved. So it may be good to spend a few minutes in the classroom just listening to the students and looking for a dynamic that allows anyone with something to say or a question to listen to without going to have to go to class or leave it for moments like break or after school. Remember that academic content is important, but not the only thing that needs to be valued at an educational level. Therefore, a few minutes of this listening in each subject can help students see that they are speaking and participating in the classroom. It is a very important matter that should be done later.

  • Try to maintain a positive attitude

Yes, students can see when a teacher is teaching comfortably and when they are not, and so it is very important to be aware of our personal attitudes as adults and to assess the role that plays in school Class is maintained every day . To find out, ask yourself a series of simple questions every morning, such as: Am I a happy person? What mood am I in today? Do I smile a lot or a little in the classroom? Is my tiredness or sadness reflected in class? If we answer all questions seriously and honestly, we will receive mechanisms to find the necessary solutions or to ask a specialist for help if our condition is not positive and we do not know how to change it.

  • Change dynamics to teach classes

Monotony can be very boring for children, especially for those who are very nervous or don't enjoy routine. Also keep in mind that not all students are the same and do not have the same personalities. Some prefer the readings, others the drawings, others play soccer in physical education, others play an instrument or listen to music, others talk and play with comrades … This means that it would be very difficult to make everyone happy at the same time not to say impossible, so it is necessary to look for dynamics of different types that fit all profiles and can vary daily

Ways to Promote Happiness in the Classroom 2

  • Promotes critical thinking in the classroom
  • Critical thinking breaks with what is established to look for new solutions to the problems of all time. One way to promote this in class is to ask students questions about a current topic that might spark their interest. It can be uncomfortable questions, absurd questions, reflective questions … Any question that is asked requires the student's reflection, debate and listening time. In addition to developing logical thinking and reflection, this practice can also help promote classroom respect for others and their different opinions .

    • Improves fault tolerance

    Exams do not tolerate mistakes, so most students associate mistakes with failures, but they are not the same thing. Therefore, students need to be encouraged to learn from mistakes and to get up again. Let them realize that a mistake is a new opportunity to learn and acquire new life skills. Always help your students associate failures with these new opportunities for progress and a new world will open for them, full of confidence and motivation.

    As we can see, happiness is not a unique state, but a sensation that can almost always be achieved temporarily or temporarily thanks to things that stimulate us and interest us in some way. By creating classes and teaching activities that combine the dynamics of all types of personalities and students, a much more positive and joyful environment is created. Happiness is in our hands!

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