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Tomorrow 10, Hidalgo is admitted to the inflatable hospital; Return from Washington

After registration of the first positive cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Hidalgo, 10 people from Hidalgo who had a scholarship in Washington will be admitted to the inflatable hospital tomorrow.

According to the President, the students are taken directly from the airport to the "green space", where they take the necessary samples to send to the laboratory.

"Those who give positive results are sent the Indre test," he confirmed.

The inflatable hospital has 1,800 square meters, in addition to nine modules and 40 intensive care beds.

The installed modules are used for outpatient advice and observation, hospital and emergency areas.

Positive Cases

This afternoon, the Department of Health (Ssa) and the state executive announced that in the state of Hidalgo they confirmed two positive cases of Covid 19 coronavirus.

In an interview, the President said that one of those affected, 43, a resident of the capital Hidalgo, is in serious condition.

Another affected person, 39, an attorney at Mineral de la Reforma, is isolated because his condition is not so delicate.


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