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Three out of four indigenous peoples in Mexico believe that their culture is undervalued: Inegi

March 19 is the international day for the eradication of racial discrimination, but since the age of 12 people belonging to an indigenous community has experienced this crime.

Mexico City, March 19 (however) .- The indigenous population in Mexico believes that is undervalued by other people in the country becomes . Data from the National Discrimination Survey (ENADIS) from 2017 showed that they had experienced at least one situation of discrimination since they were 12 years old.

As part of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination the National Institute for Statistics and Geography (Inegi) announced that there were 10 in Mexico. Millions of indigenous people, over 12 years old.

“Discrimination is a problem that involves various social actors who play a crucial role in their execution. While it is true that can affect everyone there are social groups or that over the years historically have suffered systematically like the indigenous peoples and communities “explained the institute.

Up to 2017, 49.3 percent of the entire indigenous population stated that their rights were hardly respected or not at all. Therefore, the lack of jobs (20.9), the lack of funds (16.1), the lack of government support for social programs (15.8) and the discrimination based on their appearance or language (14.6) are the most common The main problems they face.

Since the age of 12, 2.4 million indigenous people have stated that they have been discriminated against in the past five years. 2.9 million said they had denied their rights during the same period, mainly medical care or drug delivery (in 51.2 percent of cases). This action was followed by access to support for social programs (37.8); Refusal of care in government offices with (29.4) and the possibility to work with (15.9) or to get a promotion.

Three out of four indigenous people surveyed by Inegi believed that indigenous people are undervalued by most people. Four out of ten believed that indigenous peoples were considered to be low-laborers, and in a similar proportion believed that indigenous peoples valued little further studies.

ENADIS showed that 20.2 percent of the 84 million Mexicans over the age of 18 felt discriminated against. The main factor was the way of dressing or grooming with 30 percent; physical build (by weight or height) 29.1; and with 28.7 religious beliefs.

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