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These past few days have been a bit chaotic in Spain due to the corona virus. In cities like Madrid, schools closed a few days ago and teleworking was introduced as a recommended measure in many professions. These days, operators are taking action against the corona virus and giving gifts to their customers (and at other times around the world).

All of these changes have suddenly affected mobile operators who have decided to offer mobile data and other benefits to all customers in order to become aware of the current situation.

What does every operator give us? we analyze it.

The operators against the corona virus: Movistar offers 30 GB and Movistar + Lite

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  • For everyone:
    • Movistar + Lite has a free month for everyone and is expanding its catalog with content, with a focus on children and sports.
    • Scolartic : A social space for learning, innovation and quality of education, in which free online courses as well as lectures, presentations and workshops are offered. It is aimed particularly at teachers and future teachers, but can also be used by parents who want to closely monitor their children's learning.
    • Conecta Empleo Platform : Free online training with a focus on digital profiles on the following topics: JAVA, web analysis, video game design … up to 25,000 open training courses available worldwide.
  • For Movistar Fusion customers:
    • Additional 30 GB of free data per month for the next two months.
    • Movistar Junior free of charge.

O2: up to 30 GB from the application

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As a Telefónica brand, O2 has also decided to extend GB of mobile data to its customers and increase 30 GB to all customers. This time, the upload is not automatic, but we need to access the mobile application.

From the same application, we have to "buy" 5 GB bonds in our customer area. These bonuses, which usually cost money, are available to us free of charge, and we can buy up to 6 data bonuses, adding an additional 30 GB.

It is important to remember that these bonds take a while to claim and that they will fail if you try to buy everything at once. Be patient.

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Vodafone: Children's television channels and unlimited data for freelancers and companies

that's all they give you 4 António Coimbra, President and CEO of Vodafone, has announced the changes the company will offer its customers. These are the measures they will take with their customers:

  • All Vodafone customers can automatically access the content of the Gift Peques package with their Vodafone television. In this way, they enjoy the best programs, films and drawings with the little ones so that they can continue to learn and have fun with their favorite characters (Disney Jr., Disney XD, Baby TV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., App My Nick Junior
    and Canal Panda).
  • All of our professional, self-employed, small and medium-sized companies – precisely the segments with the lowest technological infrastructure – have unlimited data in their tariffs to ensure that they are able to carry out their mobility activities and promote teleworking when they think it is necessary.

Orange: between 30 and 50 GB and children's channels

that's all they give you 5 Orange has decided to expand its customers' Gigas and also offer entertainment packages and training resources for children:

  • For Orange customers:
    • 30 gigs for 1 month free for all Love and Go customers in orange. It can be requested via the "My Orange" app.
    • Special TV package with children's content "Infantil Max" for Orange TV customers, free of charge for 1 month.
  • Digital Training:
  • For companies:
    • 50 gigs for 1 month free for all Orange Business and Love Business customers. They can be requested via the "My Orange" app.

Grupo Masmóvil: all of their operators against the corona virus

that's all they give you 6

  • Pepephone increased the free 5 GB on all lines for all of its customers without you having to do anything.
  • MÁSMÓVIL will offer Sky TV to all customers free of charge for 3 months from tomorrow.
  • Yoigo is giving away 3 months of Sky TV and 3 months of FlixOlé free of charge to its entire customer base.
  • Lebara has expanded its tariffs to include 12 countries, including international calls, to help customers communicate with loved ones. In addition, gigas that were not consumed during the month are now accumulated indefinitely for the following months.
  • Llamaya has added free calls to all of its prepaid customers.

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