Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Today, I am gonna show you with step by step instructions about how to start a blog, especially for a newbie.

However, you can learn how do you start a Blog.

And when I started the first blog 3 years ago, it is really confusing to understand about it. But once you understand and gets comfortable about its flow, it will be really easy to do. Even a noncoder can also create a blog fastly without much effort. Lets, start a blog for money earn.

How to Start a Blog 2019

Always keep it in mind, if you want to be popular must learn how to make a blog for free. As it will always get you on the right track. As well as you will get more content if you do your work passionately.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

How to start a Blog by 8 steps and Earn Money


  • Choose a domain name and register
  • Choose a standard web hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install a suitable WordPress theme
  • Install the required WordPress plugins
  • Create categories and menu
  • Create your first blog post
  • Promote your blog
  • Earn money from blogging

Choose a Best Blog Topic

Start a blog woth blog name

We have to be sure about which platform we are going to start a blog. You can choose your blog from

  • Go with your passion, you can consider this, if your job is related to your daily routine you find much interest in your job. For example Cooking, travel, fashion, sports, and cars, etc.,
  • Collect experience from your life, you can give it a try because at some point everyone has some lessons that we got from our life, it may be positive or negative.
  • Prefer personal blog, if you don’t want to include the social topic, you can choose to talk about you and your daily routines also you can share your own view about living life. You can also share your real-life stories with your morals.

Because blogging platform is much important that it may increase your page traffic and improve your business. If you are an SEO expert, then surely you will get much attention. Simply we can say it is all about content management system.

What is a Blog check definition of a Blog

  • It always keeps updated content as first and keeps everything in reverse chronological order.
  • This will help you to keep the fresh blog post to be displayed at first on your website.
  • It is dynamic.
  • It is SEO friendly.
  • We can provide all the content in category order.

What is a website

  • It is proportional to the blog and it shows old contents at first and newly broadcasted post at last.
  • It is static.
  • It is not SEO friendly.
  • Category order is not possible here.

From the difference, we can understand which is best to use. Yeah, obviously a blog.

I would suggest you select the best blogging platform for our blog. Also, create it using WordPress particularly if you are a new user. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms.

It is also relevant to keep your page loading time with needed speed otherwise the user would jump to another site.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 1

Choose a domain name 1st Step to Start a Blog

The domain name, which is used to our site by us. Using the collection of characters we could address our site.

Find a better keyword for it. Mostly we can use our domain name which is oriented to our blogging platform. For example: if it is a cooking blog we can use the name as a cooking corner or if you choose a personal blog, I would like to suggest you prefer your name.

Then always use .com as your domain extension or you can also use .net as well as .org. For example, Fb.com is the domain name of facebook.

Then, Register the name at an online domain registration service.

Note: It is suggested for the new user to name their blog with the email address.

1.Understand Your Niche

It is recommended to select the keywords of their blog using their domain name. For example: consider cook is your topic then choose to cook, cooky, cooking, etc. so that it will attract more customers and increase your page traffic.

2. don’t use Numbers and Special characters

Always, try not to use numbers or any type of characters (which are not a string) for your domain name. As for numbers, there is no additional value might be given according to SEO. So, be professional and try not to use numbers to make your reputation high in your business.
3. Be Creative

As much as you try to name your site with a creative set of strings, also don’t forget to get the meaning. It is used to promote our brand.

Avoid meaningless name even though it is attractive, always create a meaningful and significant name for your site. As well as crosscheck it before registering it.

4. Rhyme Everything

While creating a domain name, there are some pointers that should be kept in mind. They are

  • Make a meaningful and simple domain name which is easy to be pronounced and also must be catchy. Normally, it attracts more users.
  • Do not use a word which is much longer, as it has no use in SEO point of view.
  • If you want you can register your domain name in GoDaddy and Namecheap service as it is cheap and also sometimes it registers a free domain name.
  • If you do not know and got confused about what to name your domain as well as to get a unique name/ keyword. You can check in below website.
  • Select a domain name

It is always suggested to choose your domain name that is related to your theme. When you select your domain name, the main problem was will occur. That is may not get exists. So always check it before confirming the domain name.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 2

There are many domain name generator to find your website a better name. Here I am using LeanDomainSearch, where you can find a perfect domain name. The very first thing is to determine the theme of your blog. Type it and search, you will get suggested with the bunch of domain name that you never thought of.

For example: Here I am using a keyword called funnel and search it. From the below image you can see a lot of your theme-related suggestions. Mostly all are in two words.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 3

Another related website to search your domain name is NameMesh where you can get results using .com, .co, .io. Here we will select .co.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 4

  • Register your domain name

Now, its time to register your domain name. Here I am using namecheap.com and of course, here we have to pay to register your domain name. And it comes with free WhoisGuard feature where you can get away from unwanted calls coming from the site. Lastly, check out.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 5

Now, your domain name got registered.

Note: if you prefer using a free domain name, you can go for Bluehost that it provides free domain when you use that hosting.

Select Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Here, we are using a site ground because of its fast loading speed as well as with the impressive performance of it.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 6

How to install WordPress hosting in site ground
Step 1 – get to the link

  • Get to the site ground home page
  • Select hosting menu
  • You will get a drop-down list with four options
  • From that, select WordPress Hosting option.

Step 2 -Select your plan

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 7

Siteground has three plans for you to choose from.

  • It is recommended to start with the startup plan if you want to check the site performance.
  • Otherwise, choose the Grow big or Gogeek plan to access to all the features like unlimited websites of site ground.

price details

Price: $3.95 per month
renewal rate: $11.95 per month
Domain Registration: $15.95 per year
Website Transfer: not available
Number of Websites: only one website available
Storage: 10GB
Monthly Visitors: 10k/ month


Price: $5.95 per month

Renewal: $19.95 per month

Domain registration: $15.95 per year

Website transfer: available for free

Number of websites: Unlimited

Storage: 20GB

Monthly visitors: 25k/ month


Price: $11.95 per month

Renewal: $34.95 per month

Domain registration fee: $15.95 per year

Website transfer: available for free

Number of websites: Unlimited

Storage: 30GB

Monthly visitors: 100k/ month

  • Note: You will get the wonderful customer service that is ready to provide you service and clear any doubts for 24/7. They have live chat or we can prefer phone and also through the email.And also there is one more way available that is in the knowledge base that is filled with fa ree demo video to provide users great support.It uses SSH (secure shell) access which allows users to configure file individually with full security service and also it has Cloudflare to provide more security to your files. This site also speeds up our processing speed. It is free from hacking as it has hacking protection software.

Some other features are

  • It has a Free Website Builder.
  • Also, it offers a Free Email Accounts
  • Then it provides a Daily free Backup option, to save your information and protects it from any loss or missing of contents.
  • 24/7 customer support is available, and also it has live chat and phone option to clear customer doubts.
  • Also assures Unmetered Traffic to the website.
  • We can toggle over Unlimited MySQL
  • It has additional cPanel and SSH option to add the domain to our site
  • The site Transfer option is available on all plans except the starter plan
  • It provides SuperCacher to increase the speed of the site.
  • PCI-Compliant Servers is available for customer support.
  • WordPress and Joomla Staging is available.

make a purchase 

  • Then head to the payment process.
  • If you do not want to use a credit card, you can choose an extra payment option that is PayPal.

Step 3 – add name servers and domain

  • Name servers will help you to connect your created domain name with the site.
  • Go to your site ground account.
  • Select my accounts and then click Cpanel
  • Where you can see the name server link.
  • Copy and paste it in the namecheap.com under the purchase summary and then press manage

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 8

  • Again it will confirm your plan and then click manage again. It will redirect you to domain dashboard.
  • Then paste the copied link in the name servers option, under the custom DNS option.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 9

  • Then go to c- panel in siteground and again go to add domain.
  • Copy your domain name from the Namecheap site, then paste it in your siteground
  • Then click add domain.
  • Now your domain will get added

How to Install WordPress Hosting

  • Go to c-panel
  • Click WordPress that is under Auto installer.
  • Press Install now.
  • Finish software setup, choose your version and also the protocol you wish to use, i.e., HTTP:// or http://www.
  • Finish site setting, that is providing your site name and site description.
  • Finish admin account, here provide information such as admin name, admin password and also admin email.
  • Then choose the language you prefer.

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 10

  • Then check the boxes such as limit login attempts, WordPress starter to secure your account.
  • And it is not necessary to check the classic editor checkbox

Lets, Start a Blog and Make Money Online 11

  • Also, they also provide you many advanced options database name, table prefix, backup location.
  • Now, click install option to activate WordPress on your Site ground hosting.

Try your first post

Step 1: Login

After your purchasing process got over. Get to the login by clicking the link that is on the congratulation page.

Step 2: Pick a theme

Pick a default theme or you can choose any themes from theme library. Also, you can customize your site.

If you want additional theme option, you can download Astra theme in your WordPress website and activate it.
Step 3:

Install A Suitable WordPress Theme

  • You can get the WordPress theme for free from the WordPress directory which is pre-made. It will be suitable for new learners.
  • Otherwise, give a try to the  Premium WordPress Theme. Even though you are not hired any graphic designer or programmer, you can complete your site with a professional look at your own.
  • Some of the theme stores are ThemeForest, StudioPress, Mythemeshop. You can also use this for configuration. Here I am using Astra pro theme, as it has lots of features at a reasonable price.

installation of Astra pro

  • Now in your WordPress, get to the plugins > add new.
  • Get to upload plugin
  • Then press choose file, and select Astra premium sites.
  • And click install now.
  • Your WordPress will get updated with your selected WordPress theme.
  • After theme installation, you will get access to the themes of Astra pro.

Built a theme

After the installation process gets completed. Get to the theme library and select and click on the theme, that you wish to use.

And click on import site option, and you will get access to the theme in 2-10, depends on your theme coding.

Then select view template option to preview your template.

You can also make any customization to your themes.

Step 4-Install The Required WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are highly used in blog fore site optimization as well as for SEO improvement to improve your page traffic.
You will be provided with 25,000+ free plugins from the directory.

Create Categories And Menu
Your blog is almost finished. To publish your new post, first, it is suggested to create Categories and menu.

What are the categories?

It is used for the organization of your content as well as your post and to make it visible to more users.

How To Create Categories?

There are two categories are available and they are used to create parent categories and child categories.

Child categories are used to include subcategories.

Steps to create new Categories:
Step 1:

Move to post, in your dashboard select categories option.
Step 2:

  • In the left side, select “Add New Category” option to create new content.
  • In the Name field box, enter your category name and mention the descriptions about it.
  • We created the subcategory and now choose some matching parent option to it.
  • Again press on Add new category, Repeat it, till you made a set of categories you want.

How To Create A Menu Bar?
The menu bar is used to navigate the content within the blog. We can use the drag and drop menu interface as it is considered as a convenient way to create a menu bar.

Create a Menu bar in a step by step:

  • Click the Appearance option and then select Menus from the WordPress dashboard, to get to the edit menu screen.
  • The Edit menu, screen has two columns.
  • The left column has options like Pages, Custom links, Tags and Category tabs.
  • The right columns are used to choose the drop-down menu bar.
  • Now press Add to the menu, then the page gets included to the right side interface.
  • Click the save button to save the process.
  • You can also create menu bar in the header and footer section for About Us, TOS (Terms of Services), Privacy Policy and Contact us options.

Now select Manage Locations, and then press the Primary menu to save the menu setting.
You can also customize your menu if you wanted. Now your article is ready to get published.

Promote your blog

Even though your content is worth spending time, you need to make an advertisement about your work in any way. So that you will get more readers.

There are two worthy ways for advertising our content, and they are

  • Through social media
  • Through email marketing

social media:

One of the famous ways is to advertise through social media. Yeah, social media is the fastest way to connect with the world. Whenever you share it on social media, there is a chance to get maximum sharing about our blog. Because our friends can share it with their friends and family. So we will get double viewers.

email marketing:

You can also advertise through email marketing as it is one of the famous ways of advertising our business. We have to gather our viewer’s mail id with their permission, and whenever we are posting something we can notify them with our work. It will not only help the fresher but also help the one who is already famous in blogging.

As it will frequently notify the users about your work and increase your views. If your content is relevant to the current situation or your content is worthy, no one can stop it from going viral.

Earn money from blogging

You can make money in many ways from blogging. By selling your blog or by selling your products using your blog. But the best of all, Is to sell the space in your blog for advertisement and this is considered as an effective way and widely used by many to earn more money from blogging.

You can also use Google Adsense to get your website many advertisements without your hard work. It directly gets you to site many advertisements.

We hope this article will give basic knowledge about blog creation. If you like this article, don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

And we hope your doubts got cleared by this article if you have any doubts or further queries, feel free to ask in the comment section as we are ready to answer.