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See you later, Verified 2018

Today Verified 2018 will be closed.

In this editorial project, which ends today and was specially born for this election, a group of journalists works every day with the sole interest of serving the readers. For four months, we tried to achieve the goals we set for the 2018 election campaign: fighting false news, reviewing candidate speech, and creating content to explain the different phases of the election process.

As of this Monday, July 9th, we no longer have to generate any new content and will close our accounts on social networks. The website, on the other hand, remains open with the content that has already been published if it is useful for the reader.

During these four months we have published more than 400 notes and fifty videos that were broadcast not only in Verificado.mx but also with more than 80 allies the media, civil society organizations and universities across the country.

Only in Verificado.mx did we reach more than five million visits, a number that should be added to the viewers, listeners, and readers that the allies added. Some of our videos have recorded over a million views, including those dedicated to educational content such as image review tutorials or explanatory videos on how digital disinformation campaigns work.

With these figures we can say that the initiative has achieved good results. Of course we were not without errors or omissions and the final verdict, as in any editorial project, belongs to the readers. You have to decide whether Verified 2018 was a useful initiative.

The journalists working together in Verified 2018 initially did so with the belief that it is worth fighting the wrong news . Because they tried to influence voters in such a way that they cannot freely decide what can only be done if we are well informed. We were also convinced that we should review the candidates' sayings and promises because we believe that the cost of lying should be increased and the idea that a politician can lie without doing anything should be left behind.

The editorial project ran for four months, but planning began almost a year ago with the work of Pop Up Newsroom, AJ + Español, and Animal Político.

Support from Facebook, Google News Initiative and Twitter as well as the Open Society Foundation, Oxfam México and Mexicanos contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad was soon received. We also have the support of the University for Communication, which was critical to the success of the initiative.

P oco before launch Verificado.mx twenty journalists, producers and designers who were responsible for much of the content closed that happened day after day.

And in different phases, fifty hundred scientists and researchers work together.

In addition, 60 allies agreed to participate from the start to conduct their own reviews and, most importantly, to disseminate materials that were shipped daily from March 11th. Within a few weeks, the number grew to more than 80 allies across the country who helped make Verified 2018 a rapidly recognized brand of Twitter and Facebook Accounts that reached more than 200,000 followers and our WhatsApp line that reached more than 10,000 subscribers.

The fight against false news or the lies of the political class naturally does not end the election campaign. Certainly, each of the media will continue its own verification projects.

However, the review could not be limited to new editorial projects. We all have to check, starting with the journalists, that sometimes we seem to forget that this work should be inherent in journalism.

Readers are not exempt from this responsibility either, but their job is also to encourage more journalism.

For the time being Verified 2018 ends and all that remains is to thank the readers.

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