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Download ProWritingAid For Chrome and Word. It is free for download.

ProWritingAid is a free grammar and punctuation, checker and corrector. It is the best grammar checker free app for word and chrome. It Helps to correct the sentence with answers.

Prowritingaid Free Download, Coupon, Discount, Chrome and Word

There is some common problem while someone who is writing a blog or any important project. We all come to confusion about where to place commas and some important vowels or any grammatical sentences. After that, you write your essay or paragraph and want to check if it is in the correct grammatical sentence.

How to use ProWritingAid

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  • First, log in.
  • Then go to the editing tool.
  • That will lead you to the blank page where you have to write your paragraph or essay.
  • And also you can import using copy and paste option.
  • Select the option overall grammar option, to check all the grammatical errors.
  • If you want you can change the English on three options available.

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  • Click the language option available in the top right corner.
  • You can set it into the UK for an American audience.
  • Then press the US for British people.
  • Also, you can click the general option also.
  • For your understanding, we will get into the example.

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  • Here is the example where you can find Report summary as it helps us to review our mistakes.

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  • And when we press grammar which is under report summary, we can find the set of errors in it.
  • And in our essay also, it will display mistakes under blue underline for our understanding.
  • When we press that appropriate word, it will display the details of the mistakes.

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  • And click it again to get the full explanation about the highlighted error of why it occurs.

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  • And it is considered as one of its major advantages.
  • Now, you can clear the words easily using ProWritingAid and you can also know its cause.
  • With this, you can not only check for grammar but also checks the spelling.
  • And again in the report summary, you can get the misspelled word list.

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It has a wide range of features, from that you can select the appropriate style.

It has 25 reports available for your editing and clearing mistakes. It is available in its premium version. You can find it in the toolbar.

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Writing Style
It is used to removing adverbs from passive voice, as it is not needed in the sentence. We can also deal with repeated words. Also, check about the tense that we do mistakes often.
Overused Words

It is used to remove those words that are used again and again in your essay. As it will cause weakness to your writing skills. So it will suggest you remove that appropriate word and give you another suggestion.

Cliches and Redundancies

Normally the cliches must be simple and explain itself as it will never depend or explain other. And if it creates redundancy it will suggest you clear that.

For example:

“She wore her jacket on the shoulder”, where else she can wear a jacket.

Sticky Sentences

Sometimes many of our common mistakes. That many of will use some difficult word or unknown word in our paragraph.

It will cause difficulty to the user and they will stick with the word. So ProWritingAid will remove this problem and it uses glue words.


It is used to identify the words that are repeated again and again. As it will destroy the value of the essay.

Sentence Length
It will suggest you add commas and full stop. So it will help readers to identify the sentence easy to read.

And writing a long sentence will cause a problem or make readers get fed up with reading.

It will be used to identify words that are used many times. So if we check pronoun, we can find out about how much we used the pronouns and repeated words.


Usually, it is suggested to maintain the transition score at 25% otherwise it will create a problem. ProWritingAid is used to check the transition percentage.

It is used to clear the errors that are caused by punctuation marks. Also on the capital words as many of us do not know about where to use it. And on the spelling, as it is normal mistakes done by any.


Your document must be simple and effective. So that users will get interested to read your article otherwise they will leave your document.

This pacing is used to identify such kind.

Dialogue Tags
We can use tags sometimes, but many repeated tags will remove readers interest. As it will work on it and identify to you.

Example for tags is: mano said, vino reported.

It will increase the readability and works on the main scoring part, that is

  • Flesch Reading Ease Score
  • Coleman-Liau Formula
  • Automated Readability Index
  • Dall-Chall Grade

Vague and Abstract Words

This report is used to suggest words that are needed to be avoided. So it will highlight those words and we can remove it easily.

It is used to deal with the words that are to be replaced.


Diction is used to remove some tricky words, that can not be easily understood by everyone.


Alliteration is used to remove the sentence or the letters that are used repeatedly.


It is used to identify the words that have different meaning but its sounds will be pronounced as same.

For example weak and week.

Corporate Wording

It is used to work with the words that will look like fancy words and have difficult meaning to understand. So it is suggested to use simple words.


It is used to suggest the meaning of the abbreviation. For example MA, PA, MLA, HR. Generally, we may find complications while writing, so it will help us to check the meaning of the abbreviation. And also check if it is an existing abbreviation or not.

Complex Words

This will suggest you the easily understandable word over the complicated word.


It is used to notify about the different styles to use in our essay.


It also helps us to select which suggestion is best among the shown suggestion.

House Style

This feature is used to check the specific word that you feel it is overused. So you can search and check it easily with this set of custom rules.


It is used to identify the sentence or an essay that is already used by others on the internet. So we can create unique content.

Free version

In the free version, you can get only 22 features among the 25 features. And also it will provide limited time to the user to check its performance.

It usually provides 14 days free trial. Also, we can use only the limited set of words and length. So if we want to make use of its whole features we have to pay for it.

How to install Ms word in ProWritingAid

  • Firstly, Close the Microsoft Word and also the Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  • Then download the ProWritingAid in your system.
  • It will be saved as a .exe format.

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  • Then search the file on your desktop.
  • Double click it to access the file in your system.
  • Now, open your Ms word and you can see the ProWritingAid icon in your toolbar.
  • If you are using for the first time, when you access it, it will be asked with sign-in information.
  • Then purchase it or you can also use the 14-day trial option to test the application.
  • If you make your purchase, you will be provided with a license code.
  • Enter it on the respective field to access it.

Using ProWritingAid in MS word

  • You can easily use ProWritingAid in MS word easily.
  • It is used to explore the ProWritingAid as editing software which is held in the toolbar menu in MS word.

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  • If you want to access the ProWritingAid, then simply click Analysis in your toolbar.

Prowritingaid Review 2020, Coupon, Discount, Free Download 11

  • It will provide you with a list of options that is 25 report options.

Prowritingaid Review 2020, Coupon, Discount, Free Download 12

  • You can get a particular report by pressing the specific report.
  • Otherwise, press the full analysis option.
  • It will give a report about all the listed reports in the report summary.
  • You can check your errors on the right side of your essay.

Prowritingaid Review 2020, Coupon, Discount, Free Download 13

  • You can also click the particular option that you want to view the details in it.

Prowritingaid Review 2020, Coupon, Discount, Free Download 14

  • And also three options will be available for easy access like next, preview and also ignore option.
  • Whenever you press the specific report, the mistakes in the document will also get highlighted as you can see below.

Prowritingaid Review 2020, Coupon, Discount, Free Download 15

  • If you want to get to the full analysis section. you can press the home like icon in the top right corner in your report.

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About ProWritingAid in Ms word

ProWritingAid is available only for the few versions of  Microsoft office and they are Microsoft 2007, Microsoft 2010, Microsoft 2013, Microsoft 2016. But unfortunately, it is not available for the mac.

And if you want to access the reports in Microsoft Office you have to use a strong internet connection. This application will not run without an internet connection.

How to uninstall ProWritingAid in Ms word 

  • Open your system, get to the control panel.
  • Select the option, add or remove the document.
  • Then double click the  ProWritingAid and it will list you with some option.
  • Click uninstall to delete it.

ProWritingAid coupon code

ProWritingAid offers a coupon for each and everyone who uses them. So be sure that you check and avail your offer in the bonuses section.


It normally comes with a yearly subscription and it does not have the subscription for monthly.

  • For a year, we have to pay $50
  • For two years, we have to pay $75
  • For three years, we have to pay $100
  • For using its lifetime, we have to pay $175

So, if you are a content writer who always needs this ProWritingAid, it is suggested to buy it for a lifetime. Also, it has many features that Grammarly does not have.

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