President Duque explains preventive measures for the coronavirus in Colombia 2

President Duque explains preventive measures for the coronavirus in Colombia

President Iván Duque prepared an expert table to discuss the measures that the national government is implementing to combat the corona virus in the country.

On TV special & # 39; Coronavirus, prevention and action & # 39; ] Martha Ospina Director of the National Institute of Health; the Health Minister Fernando Ruiz and the WHO / PAHO representative Gina Tambini who discussed everything about this virus, which has already been declared a pandemic worldwide.

"Since early January, the government's cross-sector team has been working to investigate and learn about this threat," said the president.

President Duque indicated that from that moment he would be in charge of the World Health Organization and the Pan-American Organization of Health to manage the various phases to start this warning.

"We not only explained to the Colombians how to take preventive measures of a hygienic nature (…), we also teach them at educational level, health, transportation, "he said.

The Director of the INS assured in turn that more than 98% of the cases were cured and within this percentage they had a serious illness, but the rest did not.

"Colombia has dealt with cases that we consider probable and suspicious. These warnings occur throughout the area, the National Institute of Health, who is the head of the surveillance issue, treats these warnings to understand that in this case Covid-19 (…) is likely to undergo preventive isolation if possible and then a series of studies is being carried out No country starts taking thousands of samples in a day, and this is what Colombia did, "said Martha Ospina.

To end his statement, the President sent a final note to the citizens about this pandemic.

"I would like to inform the Colombians that there is a 24-hour hotline that everyone should have on hand: 018000955590 This line is available, as is CoronAPP Colombia "said the president.

And he added: “This is a challenge for humanity, today we have analyzed and taken measures; Prevention and measures according to the phases of prevention and preparation. We need the best of us with all preventive measures. "

Here you can see the full special:

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