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Meditation with kittens

I am preparing for the metta meditation in which I imagine a kitten …

I like cats, especially kittens, so this is my imaginary one Kitten as loving as gas It is for a flame. I just have to think of my kitten and my heart lights up with metta.


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I continue to visualize my imaginary friend and imagine him abandoned, hungry and very scared. In his short life, he has only known rejection, violence and loneliness. I imagine his bones sticking out of his emaciated body, his skin stained with dirt and some blood, and his body stiff with terror. I think if I don't take care of this vulnerable little being, nobody will, and such a terrible, lonely, and frightened death will die. I feel the pain of this kitten completely in all its forms and my heart opens and triggers a flood of compassion. I will take care of this kitten. I will protect and feed him. I imagine myself looking deep into his fearful eyes and trying to melt his concern with the metta that flows through my own eyes. I reach it slowly, calmly and never lose eye contact. I gently take the little kitten and bring it to my chest. I remove the coldness of the kitten with the heat of my own body, I remove the fear with the softness of my embrace and I feel that the kitten's confidence is growing. I speak to the kitten on my chest:

Ā«Little creature, never feel lonely again. Never feel so scared. I will always take care of you, I will be your protector and friend. I love you, kitty. Wherever you go, whatever you do, my heart will always welcome you. I always give you my limitless love. It is just a summary of how I start my meditation on metta. I usually take a lot longer. I use my imagination and inner discourse to paint a picture in my head and create a stage where the first metta flames can arise.

At the end of the mental exercise, I concentrate with closed eyes on the region around my heart and I feel the first warm glow of the emotions of kindness.

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