Madrid will use hotels to treat patients with mild illnesses

The Community of Madrid will use nursing homes and medical hotels to treat coronavirus patients in the region, as well as hospitals and homes for those affected.

Community Minister of Health of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, said at a press conference that it was necessary to "adjust all possible resources" to tackle the coronavirus crisis, although the use of one or the other will depend on the state of the patient.

Regarding the medicalized hotels that will house doctors and nurses, he explained that they are intended for patients who have mild pathologies and need isolation at home but "don't want to be at home." ".

"They are observed to see how they are developing and it is decided whether they can return home or whether they are worse and go to the hospital," he added.

In addition, elderly people who tested positive for coronavirus can be treated in nursing homes.

Madrid will use hotels to treat patients with mild illnesses 1

"The aim is to avoid patient movement as long as the homes can provide a response to healthcare (…). If it were necessary to move, it would move, "he explained.

Use of this type of resource is added to that of hospital floors, intensive care units (ICU), and patients' own homes.

All of this is part of an action plan against the coronavirus presented by the Ministry of Health, which includes more than 200 measures and aims, among other things, to double the number of beds in order to take account of the foreseeable increase in affected patients COVID -19, which has already left 38 dead and 1,388 positive cases in the community.

According to the consultant, the goal is to "protect" Madrid from the coronavirus, for which all public and private health resources will from now on act "under a single command" from the regional government.


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