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Machirula anecdotes and plans by government feminists

“Not a day goes by in the corridors of the general administration when I don't meet a man who says to me: 'You spend many hours here, do you have children? & # 39; & # 39; Yes, two & # 39; I will answer. "And how are you?" Just like you. " DGI Director General Virginia García, tells the anecdote with grace and audience that she listens to interrupting her to applaud and to burst out laughing like in a booth In addition, there are the seven ministers with whom she shares a panel and who hold talks with spies and judges, report on their feminist way of exercising power, and even practice self-criticism for their own small, deconstructed forms.

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With her cell phone in hand Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta planned the dissertations during the Argentine Women in Government conference organized by the General Syndicate of the Nation the week before March 8. You have five minutes each and nobody wants to steal time from the other. That is why they check with the Minister for Women, Gender and Diversity whether they are over.

The fair distribution of time does not seem small to them: They want to build a new way of exercising power that is not vertical or cumulative, like the traditional model of patriarchal mandates. “In general, women exercise power in other ways and this is related to care, with one or the other being placed in their context. We believe that power circulates, so we work in networks, ”explains Gómez Alcorta. And immediately afterwards he invited to replicate this model in the public function.

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Victoria Donda puts a picture on the idea: “Power is a prostate bicycle seat. When a woman gets on this bike, it is uncomfortable. What we have to do is get it out and build a form of strength exercise that is comfortable for us because this seat is not made for us. “Inadi's auditor wins an ovation.

For Marcela Losardo, “sharing power” is one of the keys to success. "Let us show solidarity with each other, work in networks that overcome the mental barrier of competition with the same gender," asks the Minister of Justice, the first woman to hold this position. The president's girlfriend and former partner defines herself as "politically incorrect" and, without naming any names, recounts the daily conversations in which judges and other judicial officers reiterated the idea that "there are some privileges such as family privileges" reserved for Women. “" We need to help more women get into office, "she says, asking to go" hand in hand with men. "

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Sabina Frederic made a suggestion that again caused applause: "We have to think about joint licenses." For the Security Minister, women "have an obligation to be sensitive to various forms of submission, submission and discrimination", and here too, "the exercise of the power of women must address these problems".

The hour passes quickly. Sigen's deputy trustee, Irma Miranda, gave room to Susana Mirassou, the first woman to head the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). 60% of the 6,900 employees in the agency are men, and there are fewer and fewer women as they rise to the power pyramid. "Working with a gender perspective within the institution is new," says Mirassou, who is already driving internal protocols, Micaela law training, and other tools to promote gender equality in all areas of government.

"I'm ashamed because I didn't say" all "until two months ago," says María Eugenia Bielsa. The Minister for Territorial Development and Habitat agrees with the suggestions of her colleagues and shares an anecdote that triggers a debate: “The other day, when I signed an agreement, I met a high representative of a province that was very tired. He told me it was a tough day because class started and he got up at 5:00 am to prepare breakfast for the family, take the boys to school, and then open the legislative sessions, "she says hopefully.

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The intervention of the Federal Intelligence Service (AFI), Cristina Caamano, the voice is almost unknown. That's why he surprises when he speaks with irony and makes him laugh between his colleagues and the audience. In one of her speeches, the chief of the spies speaks to Bielsa:

– This legislator has done no more than all women in her life.

-He is a governor. Bielsa clarifies. The exchange and clarification will continue. And they both laugh at the end.

Caamano continues: "In AFI there are 60% men and in the highest positions the difference is bigger." And it shows the strategy that is being implemented: "More than 70 spies, or let's say agents, have been trained in the Micaela Act." He affirmed that everyone was interested and says that he works so that "a transsexual enters the AFI. It would be quite a milestone because it is a very bad environment." The laughter returns.

<img style = "max-width: 100%; width: 100%;" alt = "Alberto Fernández closes the government's women's committee." Src = "http://fotos.perfil.com//2020/03/07/900/0/funcionarias-mujeres-924151.jpg://19459029]

It doesn't take long for the president to arrive to close the panel. When he finally took the floor, he asked to end the "logic of discrimination and inequality". Alberto Fernández regrets that his legal and technical secretary Vilma Ibarra is not in the room he ascribes to having "machado on this subject for a long time with good reason". And he concludes with a direct request from the men to act: "We cannot fearlessly look at these things".

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