Liliana Parodi: "Luis Majul unilaterally canceled his contract" 2

Liliana Parodi: "Luis Majul unilaterally canceled his contract"

The news of Luis Majul leaving Grupo América where he had been since 2001 caused a shock inside and outside the canal. Marcelo Longobardi speculated with a possible "test bench" of the government and the driver of La Cornisa himself sent a puzzling and haunting message from social networks: " you wanted to break us you could not. We are free. We are stronger than ever ", he said. Now she spoke Liliana Parodi .

This story lacked an official voice from Daniel Vilas Station. In dialogue with Exitoína the program manager from America explained how the journalist's early resignation came about.

" Luis unilaterally canceled his contract. La Cornisa was closed on Saturdays in December, but now he prefers not to leave at that time and decides not to continue ," said Parodi.

" Although there are two separate contracts, he also terminated with A24 . He told me personally yesterday and today he was already following the administrative steps," he concluded.

Majul returned to the screen of A24 on Monday, March 2, with the cycle 4 days but after the first program, he no longer went on the air. the shift of the journalist program to Saturdays is a matter of course for everyone in the corridors of the station. However, the driver had announced from social networks that he would return on Sundays. Finally he decided to step aside. .

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