"It is a pride to wear Gabis & # 39; 14 & # 39 ;." 2

"It is a pride to wear Gabis & # 39; 14 & # 39 ;."

Marcos Llorente, who goes back to Paco Gento and a white midfielder until last summer, is now defending Atlético's colors from Madrid, where he has just become the great hero of his team against Liverpool. We talked to him about his new life while carrying the news of El Corte Inglés. By Raquel Peláez / Photography: Pedro Walter / Styling: José Herrera

We chatted with him when there were a few days before the crucial Champions League game against Liverpool yesterday the end of this edition. Marcos got wet and predicted O-O and Atlético's pass … but nothing further from reality. At the end of the 90 minutes, his team lost 1-0. Everything was defined in extra time, in which the midfielder scored two unexpected goals that were crucial to victory. In times of corona virus and in a controversial game, Marcos Llorente became the unexpected hero of the day. "I would never have imagined something like that. It was a historic night for the team, the club and the fans. A game we will always remember. “

In his family tree there were already two football myths that, like him, defended the shield of the two major Madrid clubs. his grandfather Ramón Grosso and his father Paco Llorente. From them, Marcos inherited discipline related to training and eating habits. She says her father was already experimenting with vegan diets when that was something for aliens in Spain. Now the Atlético de Madrid player is following a diet based on food from the Paleolithic.

XLSemanal. How does it take to be a "Viking" in the Atlético de Madrid?

Marcos Llorente. All right The fans were ten with me. I had no problems in the stadium, in training or on the street. I'm super happy because they took it great and I turned the page.

XL. Do you think Real Madrid was unfair to you?

M.L. I don't know if it's fair or unfair, but both my family and I thought we shouldn't continue there. I wanted to go somewhere else where they bet more on me.

XL. He searched for minutes. Do you have what you wanted?

M.L. piece by piece. When you come to a new club you have to adapt and it is difficult to play.

Jacket, shirt and sneakers by Dustin; belts by Easy Wear and trousers by Em, Em

XL He chose 14 in the new team. Isn't it dizzying?

ML Yes, it is the responsibility and pride because at Atlético it is a very important number. Great players have taken them on. I hope all of that or

XL. And from the Madrid dressing room, do you keep friends?

ML Sure, you live with everyone for a long time and have always an affinity, I have a very good relationship with Marco Asensio and Lucas Vázquez.

XL. Who of the companions he had best manages to jump into the field?

ML Sergio Ramos and Ron aldo, of course, but they are not the only ones. If we remove two or three, we're all very flirtatious in the world of football. I the first. I love taking care of myself and dressing well. Come on, I'm even getting ready to go to sleep [se ríe].

XL. Another classic of changing rooms is the nickname. What is yours

M.L. Now they call me sweet potato.

"Many of my family came to compete in the elite and we don't see it as anything special"

] XL . A paleolithic diet is the minimum …

M.L. Yes, although I don't like to call it that. I follow a diet based on real food. I take chicken, fish, meat, eggs and vegetables. What could be a little stranger is that I separate the grain and use potatoes and sweet potatoes as carbohydrates.

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