Ishii saves José C. Paz from the corona virus and announces that he will vaccinate "house by house" 2

Ishii saves José C. Paz from the corona virus and announces that he will vaccinate "house by house"

As scientists around the world work to develop the vaccine against the global pandemic of COVID-19 against the clock, the mayor of José C. Paz surprised the international community with the announcement to vaccinate against the corona virus . "House for house" to all residents of the district. He also announced a massive layoff of employees because "the wages we pay are shameful".

This Thursday, the Mayor of José C. Paz, Mario Alberto Ishii, announced that “like in old General Sarmiento, he was vaccinating in all educational institutions, in clubs and, if we can, house by house, because times are difficult While talking about the world pandemic due to the corona virus.

"It is up to us to ensure that (the pandemic) is not that serious when it arrives," he added to José C. Paz, so he will vaccinate the population without giving details of how he would immunize the neighbors.

He also explained the lack of public works during his tenure: "You may be missing asphalt in the neighborhood, but if the problem is" you die or you don't die ", it is more serious."

Regarding the virus, he also spoke of a case in José C. Paz "that did not appear to produce a positive result", which confused information that created uncertainty among the people present in the connection.

On the other hand, he sincerely said that "the salaries we pay are disgraceful, but we have more than 5,000 (municipal) employees", and announced that he would reduce the facility, so he will fire workers massively. He also realized that "I have been governing for many years and today I can say that we are leaving, it is not ideal, but we are improving."

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