Build Your Own Poetry Blog in 30 Mins

Learn How to start a Poetry blog and earn money online? Here you can start your Poetry blog with simple steps. This guide starts with the best blogging platform for poetry and ends with, how to have a successful poetry blog?

This Poetry blog helps to grow your business in the online world. This creates social growth and fetches in social media that helps to show your business to everyone. This guide helps to make your favorite Poetry website from start to end.

Nowadays online and digital marketing in improving and much cheaper to the native market. It is so important to make a blog related to your we will show complete step by step guide to start a Poetry blog?

How to Start a Poetry Blog

How to Start a Poetry Blog on Budget? Here, Six Steps to Follow.

These six steps should follow to complete a Poetry blog

1. Select a blog platform

2. Find the best Domain Name

3.Select a cheap and reliable web hosting

4.Setup your Blog

5. Find the best Theme

6. Add required Plugins to your Blog

Select the Best Blogging Platform for Poetry Blog

where to make a poetry blog? Nowadays 90% of the blogs are using CMS ( Content management systems).

How this CMS helps to make a Poetry blog?

This CMS is easy and simple we can design any website without coding. So by with a zero knowledge of coding, we can make a Poetry website by simple drag and drop options. check the below steps how simple is to make this.

What is the best blogging platform for a poetry website? Here the best Three CMS in the online is WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Most of the blogs are using WordPress.

Why WordPress is best in the CMS?.

WordPress is Easy, More features and effective themes to set up a Poetry Blog. It has the number of plugins to choose our blog feature. So select WordPress as your blog platform. It will be the ever best. It is the best blogging platform for poetry blogs.

Find the best Domain Name

The domain name is the most important part to set up a Poetry Blog. It is the address of your blog.this address look like Here the .com is the extension and before the .com is domain name.we should choose a domain name which is relevant to your topic. So select a domain name it should be related to the topic. Example: if you’re starting a Poetry blog. Choose the domain which should add Poetry as in the domain name.

These 4 points should remember before selecting a domain.
  1. Easy to spell,
  2. The short and simple name is helpful to SEO
  3. Should Not use trademark names.
  4. Topic Related

Select a Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

Here the simple step-up must follow the given steps

Open the browser and go to and Register.Log in with the registration details.

Choose the hosting in the given list. I select Bluehost it is a cheap and good offer for the beginner who starts a Poetry blog.

select wordpress Hosting

Now Open the Bluehost then see what are additional benefits with this hosting.

  1. Free domain for 1yr,
  2. Free SSL certificate to the website. (It is a security certificate. Must be needed to every website.)
  3. 1click WordPress Install
  4. And 24/7 support

So this the reason mostly WordPress websites choose Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost wordpress Hosting

Now Choose the hosting type as a beginner for a Poetry blog. Shared hosting is ok and this is sufficient. Next, choose the hosting plan


Types of wordpress Hosting for Fashion Blog


For a single website, A basic plan is sufficient. Select the basic plan which is support for a single website if you want more websites. You can update for the next plan.

Hosting Plan for Fashion Blog

Setup Your Poetry Blog

This step is the major part to start the setup of your blog. This part something tricky to add your domain in the website. So register your domain the web host.

If you feel this step this difficult to execute. Just wait a min and follow the steps from starting. Then, simply add the domain name in the “new domain” box. Bluehost will generate a drop-down list of domain names. check your name and click “Next.”

Add Domain of Fashion Blog

This is the last page to complete your registration. By just two more steps away to complete your process. Fill the details shown in the boxes after completing this form next go for the payment. ( Blue host is most safe and security of your personal data).

Hosting Account Information

Now you need to calculate how much money you will save by choosing the plan term. If the plan term is more than 12 will get the benefit of low price.


Payment info


Check the Terms and conditions.check completely, On the right top corner of the home can find the login button. Type your user name and password. Then click on login. Then, you can find a WordPress just click on it which helps for quick install. Next, your credentials will receive via email, make sure to check your inbox.

Yes, you have done, Basic setup of your blog is completed. Next, you can start theme customization, Layout, and design.

Once you complete your payment, Then you should change your password. Must remember your password. If you are not able to access your account verify it.

Now create a new password, Then log in your account with your new password.

wordpress Free Themes for Fashion Blog

Find the best Theme

Let’s start to log in your account, Here you need to add the theme. Bluehost itself has a huge list of themes select any one of the themes which are suitable for your blog and layout. If you want more list of themes then visit this website . In WordPress, you can filter the themes as per your requirements.

Once you choose the best theme to your blog.let’s access the account and move to WordPress dashboard.

Here in the dashboard, you can find a wizard to create a website by using Bluehost. Simply follows the next steps as given in the Bluehost guide. This guide is helpful for beginner. If you are not interested in this let’s make your own which you feel comfortable.

At the Dashboard, Top left corner you will find a Bluehost on the button, That it appears a huge list of tools which helps for your blog customization. The set of tools is enough to customize any type of blog, Once you complete your customization setup. Go for the final step to click on the launch button. yes, your blog set up is completed.let’s start your blog.

Some mandatory steps should follow to place your blog on online, Add the title to your blog, just name it. Next, add some lines of description about your blog. Just add a description within 140 words. This tells to visitors about the blog and related to the blog

Once launch your blog online and let’s start to attract the audience.

Yes, your Poetry blog setup is completed. Let’s start to post articles to attract the audience. You find the perfect guide for how to start a Poetry blog and get paid?

Theme customization

Now the blog is .working, but you need to start the creative work on your theme, This had done on the 1st step but some additional customization needs

Now look for a good theme. we discussed above, There will be a default theme at the time of installation, but for a Poetry niche, To attract audience good UI should be needed.

The main thing we need to remember before starting our customization work. Delete the default pages and posts. Edit the sample pages given by default theme.

Even in WordPress itself huge list of themes more than 30,000. All the themes in WordPress are free themes so the features are very minimum. To get all the best of features we should go for a premium. These premium themes are in the range of 5$ to 100$. but we need to select a relevant theme that should be able to customize easily.

Make sure the theme should load more smoothly. It is more important for any website.

If you are looking for a perfect theme. You should consider all technical aspects and parameters to make the blog very attractive.

How to Install a WordPress Theme for poetry Blog

  • Even though you are not hired any graphic designer or programmer, you can complete your site with a professional look at your own.
  • Some of the theme stores are ThemeForest, StudioPress, Mythemeshop. You can also use this for configuration. Here I am using Astra pro theme, as it has lots of features at a reasonable price.

installation of Astra pro

  • Now in your WordPress, get to the plugins > add new.
  • Get to upload plugin
  • Then press choose file, and select Astra premium sites.
  • And click install now.
  • Your WordPress will get updated with your selected WordPress theme.
  • After theme installation, you will get access to the themes of Astra pro.

Built a theme

After the installation process gets completed. Get to the theme library and select and click on the theme, that you wish to use.

And click on import site option, and you will get access to the theme in 2-10, depends on your theme coding.

Then select view template option to preview your template.

You can also make any customization to your themes.

Install The Required WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are highly used in blog fore site optimization as well as for SEO improvement to improve your page traffic.
You will be provided with 25,000+ free plugins from the directory.

6 Tips to Write a WordPress Poetry Blog Post

Do you want to know how to write a blog post like a pro? Here, I am with 6 tips that will increase your blog traffic and visitors to more than 30k+ visitors.

Tip 1: Start with a title

The title plays a vital role in a blog or content. So, I must say that if you do not know the exact title, do not write a blog. Because of each and everyone will only care about the headline of your post.

If it attracts them or if they feel that is the content they are searching for, then only will start to read it. And others will simply skip the blog.

So, it does not matter how good you write a blog. Unless you write a good headline to your blog. To find the best headline start to find it in magazines. As they all use catchy titles.

Tip 2: go with the best introduction

Always, it matters when you start a blog with the best introduction. If you attract your readers with the best introduction, they do not pay more attention. While you do not give an introduction to your post.

The introduction is not only about hooking people. Providing an overview is a great way to get attention from your readers.

Tip 3: about the body of the post

Normally, the body of the content is a long and vast section where many of the readers will get bored with it. To provide catchy subheadings to gain attention than to write a dry paragraph.

Also, keep your paragraph for around 4-6 lines maximum. Then get to another paragraph. Don’t write a long sentence to your paragraph. Simply, write straight content.

Tip 4: link other sites

It’s a great idea to link your site to other people if you get some content from then. When you link other people, will get you lots of visitors. As they give back credits to you. It will make your business looks professionals and increase you, readers.

Tip 5: wrap your post with a good conclusion

As you pay more attention to the introduction, the conclusion also plays the same role. Summarize about your post in your conclusion. And do not forget to end your conclusion with a question. Like what should I write next? Or Leave your suggestion as well as doubts in the comment section. You can interact with your readers. As it provides a strong basement and bond to you and your readers. Also, it will improve your business too.

Tip 6: link up to other people

When you link up with other people. It will flatter them. Especially when you link to others in a positive way. Connect with them from email. As they also do not mind to share about your site on their social media site.

Ask any doubts in the comment section.

Create Categories And Menu
Your blog is almost finished. To publish your new post, first, We suggested to create Categories and menu.

What are the categories?

It is used for the organization of your content and your post and to make it visible to more users.

How To Create Categories?

There are two categories are available and they are used to create parent categories and child categories.

Child categories are used to include subcategories.

Steps to create new Categories:
Step 1:

Move to post, in your dashboard select categories option.
Step 2:

  • In the left side, select “Add New Category” option to create new content.
  • In the Name field box, enter your category name and mention the descriptions about it.
  • We created the subcategory and now choose some matching parent option to it.
  • Again press on Add new category, Repeat it, till you made a set of categories you want.

How To Create A Menu Bar?
The menu bar is used to navigate the content within the blog. We can use the drag and drop menu interface as it is considered as a convenient way to create a menu bar.

Create a Menu bar in a step by step:

  • Click the Appearance option and then select Menus from the WordPress dashboard, to edit the menu.
  • Edit menu screen has two columns.
  • The left column has options like Pages, Custom links, Tags and Category tabs.
  • Right columns are used to choose the drop-down menu bar.
  • Now press Add to the menu, then the page gets included to the right side interface.
  • Click the save button to save the process.
  • You can also create menu bar in the header and footer section for About Us, TOS (Terms of Services), Privacy Policy and Contact us options.

Now select Manage Locations, and then press the Primary menu to save the menu setting.
You can also customize your menu if you wanted. Now your article is ready to get published.

How To Get Visitors to your Poetry Blog

One of the famous ways is to advertise through social media. Yeah, social media is the fastest way to connect with the world. Whenever you share it on social media, there is a chance to get maximum sharing about our blog. Because our friends can share it with their friends and family. So we will get double viewers.

email marketing:

You can also advertise through email marketing as it is one of the famous ways of advertising our business. We have to gather our viewer’s mail id with their permission, and whenever we are posting something we can notify them with our work. It will not only help the fresher but also help the one who is already famous in blogging.

As it will frequently notify the users about your work and increase your views. If your content is relevant to the current situation or your content is worthy, no one can stop it from going viral.

Earn Money From Poetry Blog

You can make money from blogging. But selling your blog or by selling your products. Even you can sell space for advertisement in your blog and I consider this as an effective way to earn money from blogging.

Also, use Google Adsense to get revenue from advertisements.

We hope this article will give basic knowledge about blog creation. If you like this article, don’t forget to share this s with your friends on social media like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

If you have any doubts on how to start a poetry blog? feel free to ask in the comment