Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020

Get wp rocket coupon code 2020 promo and Discount. Here Simple steps to use Wp Rocket Plugin ( WordPress site speed optimization plugin). By this, you can easily understand how to use wp rocket plugin? check clear details on Wp Rocket Coupon Code, Discount, Review, and Settings.

How to Clear WordPress Cache using Wp Rocket Plugin

Wp rocket best WordPress plugin to reduce page load time and increase website speed.

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How to Get Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 Promo and Discount

Simple steps to Get wp rocket coupon code 2020.

1: If you want to get a 10% discount for your WP rocket plugin. login to the website,

2: It will lead you to the webpage, where you have to type your email address and press go to proceed further.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 3

3: Check your email(you may also get your mail in a spam message, so check it)

4: Then you can see the “get me my coupon ” button. Make a click on it to access more.

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Step 5:  There you will get your coupon code for a 10% discount on your total purchase.

Copy the coupon code.

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How to Increase WordPress Website Speed with WP Rocket Plugin

Step 1

  • Now, Get to the WP Rocket website using the link.
  • Then you will be directed to the page.
  • Click on the BUY Now

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Step 2

  • After that, you will get redirected to the page which has a complete plan and pricing details.
  • There select your plan, according to how many websites you want. For eg: If you want to access one website, select a SINGLE plan that cost $39. Otherwise, choose plus plan that costs $99 to access 3 sites. If you want to access the infinite website, choose an infinite plan that cost you $199.
  • Click on BUY WP ROCKET button, to buy that plan, according to your wish.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 7

Step 3

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 8

  • Now you will go to the page to fill your personal details to buy the plan.
  • There complete all the space with respective details, like your name, email address, country and so on.

Get your coupon gain wp rocket discount

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 9

  • Now its time to use your coupon code, which is copied before.
  • Now paste it in the space
  • After you typed your coupon code, now press APPLY button, to avail the 10% discount offer.
  • And then you can see your 10% discount is being applied.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 10

Step 4

  • Now select the mode of payment you want. If you do not want to use a credit card, for some security issue. You can also click the PayPal option.
  • Then click PLACE THE ORDER button.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 11

  • Now your plan was activated successfully.

Step 5

How to activate Wp Rocket plugin in WordPress site

  • Now you have to activate the file on your WordPress
  • You will a get wp rocket.zip format.
  • Also, verify the document inside the zip file by going inside the .zip files

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 12Step 6

  • Go to WordPress
  • Now when you’re inside the site WordPress you can see the plugin in the left side dialogue box
  • Press plugin > choose the file (that is WP Rocket plugin)

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 13

  • Now you will be redirected to the new page, where you can see ACTIVATE THE PLUGIN button.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 14

  • Press it.

Step 7

  • check WordPress performance test using GTmetrix.
  • copying the URL of your Site
  • And paste it in the GTmetrix home page

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 15

  • Now click ANALYZE button, to check your site’s speed.
  • You can see the recent page speed and performance in the results.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 16

  • From the above image, you can see the page performance and speed.

Step 8

  • Now go back to your page and click the ACTIVATE button under WP Rocket plugin.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 17

  • Once you press the active button, you will get the setting option to change any performance you want and press it.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 18

  • In setting option, uncheck the box which asks permission to not to load sensitive content in your page.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 19

  • Press no thanks.

Step 9

  • Now you can see some additional features like lazy loading, mobile cache, user cache, SSL code, etc.,
  • By enabling the features, you can access better to the website and also sometimes it may lead to some threads.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 20

Step 10

It already included this information in the features. Here we will see.

Lazy loading

  • It is used to reduce the request and speed up the process as we load through the page. So check the first box to enable this feature.
  • And if we are using any video files on our page, we also have to enable the second option in lazy loading.
  • Also, do not forget to include the youtube iframe feature to avoid any missed javascript videos in our youtube videos.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 21

Mobile caching

  • Mobile caching is used to make the site to perform well in any devices like mobile phones. And this feature is already activated on the setting.
  • If it is not, do not forget to enable it.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 22


  • Enable SSL cache to enable https:// feature in your website
  • And also emoji cache option also needs to get enabled as it will allow you to use emoji features in your site.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 23

Wp Rocket Plugin Embed cache Set up

  • This is one of the most useful caches in only a few plugins, that is disabled embed cache.
  • This feature is used to remove some javascript some external agencies will use that.
  • Otherwise, we can say that it always protect our site from a click jacking attack. It is one of the method used to hack our site.
  • So we have to activate this feature to get away from hacking.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 24

Wp Rocket Plugin Minified and combined file

  • Now to go to the static file where you can find minify and combined file. Http won’t create any problem but can and javascript can cause problems.
  • Always be careful while choosing this. As it sometimes breaks your site.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 25

  • To overcome the problem, first, save the changes and then go to the program page and find the code which does not contain a minify option.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 26

  • Then copy and paste in exclude section and remove it, to overcome the problem.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 27

  • Then if you want you can make further changes to your setting
  • Press save option.
  • In combined file, also you have to do the same process as the minified feature changes.
  • First click the feature, for example, if you choose google font. Then save the changes and then start the site and see any broken code.
  • If there are any, just exclude the coding and again repeat the process for all the three.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 28

Query strings

  • And this feature is used to remove the query file in some version from static file and the themes.
  • It must be removed to get a high processing theme. So check the option

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 29

Render blocking CSS/JS

  • By enabling this option, we can able to remove some blockage that may cause during loading file in the site.
  • This option also has to be enabled.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 30

Critical CSS path

  • Optimized CSS path option is used to generate critical CSS coding automatically.
  • Finally, press saves changes option.
  • Check whether your website works properly.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 31


  • In the database section, click on post revision, as it will increase the database value.
  • And also it will mention the date and time of the updated post automatically.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 32

  • Also, don’t press auto-draft option, that will automatically delete the auto-drafted. That you leave in between.
  • Then also it is not recommended to select trash option. It will delete the post and make your trash empty.
  • So they recommend it to do manually.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 33

  • In the comment section, press the trash comment option.
  • Do not select spam comment as it may get the good comment as the spam one.
  • Then check transition clean up and database cleanup.
  • Not recommended to select automatic clean up and select it manually.
  • And save those changes.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 34


  • In the preload option, you can see sitemap preload.
  • And in sitemap crawl interval, you can able to minimize the site load. Sometimes it may get increased.
  • And in sitemap preloading, paste your site sitemap link.
  • For that go to your website> search sitemap and copy and paste the link in that space.
  • And in preload bot, select automatic.
  • In preload DNS, you can connect some requests on your website.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 35


  • This option will not work on the normal server. Because they design it to work on some delicate, VPS or cloud server. So if you are using some server like that click the box.
  • Otherwise, leave as it is.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 36


  • If you are using two or three websites on this plugin, you can choose the option Export setting and import setting.
  • Otherwise, Recommended to not mess with multiple options.


Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 37


Wp Rocket plugin Documentation and Support

And we have to appreciate its documentation and support feature. As they provide every little thing with the detailed video tutorials and through FAQ. So we can easily overcome the doubts. And if you have any doubts you can leave in the description and save your ticket. And the team will get back to you in some time.

Wp Rocket Coupon Code 2020 38



Automatic speed optimization

When you open the site for the first time, you can get to know about its speed and performance. It also comes with pre-made settings to give a better experience for the users.


Shares Bluck documents, with high-speed loading time. As it has a well-suited feature with content delivery network services.

In WP rocket, you can understand everything by just seeing it in the control panel after installation. Designed on the main moto to be a user-friendly site.


Foolproof catching feature, as it offers you east setup. Even though you will already get all the cache. So it will offer you easy loading features.
Lazy layout

When you enable this option, you can reduce the page loading speed and also give you a better request.


If you enable this option especially for CSS and JavaScript, it will sometime cause breaking down of the page. To overcome this problem. Exclude the particular line of the program that does not contain the minification feature. If you are not confident in it. Just leave this option to get away from trouble.


This used to change the 24- hours cache lifespan. But this option is an addition only. You can leave this option as it is, you can use this when you want to show critical content on your site.



As you all know, refresh os the option to regenerate the site when we put new posts and its cache. It is a default process in any site.
By this feature, you can have access to force your site to refresh even not needed parts when you make even a small change in your site.


You are free to control your site-specific cache, just copy and paste the appropriate URLs to the ‘never cache the following pages’ and that enough. Your site will never work on that cache.

Wp Rocket Plugin Add-ons

It comes with many pre-made features earlier and one of those is its Add-ons like Cloudflare CDN add-on.


They always respect their customers hardships and give 24/7 support for all their customers. Even it also answers your queries about how to increase its speed and performance.

Ease of use

Even though it does not require deep coding language to work with. Simple design and use easily.

It has some of the cons that we always find difficult while using this site


When you activate it, your website may get slow down sometimes.

Pay for site

There is no free version available for Wp rocket to test it. So you have to buy it to get access to it. And it will create a problem if the website gets creating a problem.


You may have some technical knowledge to access some of its features like CSS/ JAVASCRIPT etc. Otherwise, you may end of in collapsing the whole site.

This is the best information for how to Clear WordPress Cache using Wp Rocket Plugin

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