How do I use it to create the shopping list? 2

How do I use it to create the shopping list?

It is an obvious fact that the Google Smart Speaker is the best smart speaker you can buy today. Yes, it's true that the Amazon Echo family with their voice assistant Alexa is pretty complete. Compared to Google Assistant, however, this can make the user experience little. More when you know the many tricks you can do to make the most of it.

Yes, it's true that the Google Smart Speaker offers some really fun features. And it's also true that you can do some weird tricks with your Google homepage. However, it is clear that this intelligent speaker can be made one of the most useful tools for your everyday life.

How do I use it to create the shopping list? 3

Yes, your Google homepage can help you build your grocery list.

One of the advantages of the mountain view giant's intelligent speaker is the large number of functions and tools that must make life easier. Not to mention the large number of voice commands that Google Assistant can understand. You can even use Google Home to create the shopping list quickly and easily!

All you have to do is use the voice command " Ok Google, add milk (to give an example) to my shopping list ". This way you can add different groceries or any desired product to your shopping list. The system is very convenient. Given that the microphones listen to you from every point, it's ideal to search the kitchen for what you need.

How do I use it to create the shopping list? 4

When you're done, all you need is your mobile phone. Mainly because you can access your shopping list directly from the home application. All you have to do is access the app, press the three-stripe icon, open the menu and select the Shopping list option.

From there, you access an application that is very similar to that of Google Keep. There you can view all the products you have previously collected online. As you may have seen, the process is really simple and useful. So make the most of one of the best tricks for Google Home . It is much more useful than you think!

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