Former high school teacher in La Paz condemns cases of abuse of men and women against schoolchildren

The cases of harassment of schoolchildren have been registered for several years by the teacher

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La Paz,
Baja California Sur (BCS
A teacher, a former employee of Morelos High School, filed a complaint
Public about the sexual harassment and abuse cases that students have experienced
this institution in the capital of Baja California Sur from
Teachers who work or have worked there.

The first of
The cases concerned a professor who was made public by
the institution's psychologist; "it didn't get older," a fact that
ended with the marriage of the student and the teacher.

Former high school teacher in La Paz condemns cases of abuse of men and women against schoolchildren 1

Few situations that happened at school were common practice, "said teacher Candelaria Yañez, when she revealed some of the names of those involved.

This situation not only included male teachers, but also reported a case of harassment and abuse by a teacher, an incident that was reported to the school administration and related to the Mother of the affected student was discussed, she added.

upon joining the psychosocial risk prevention program of the
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which was rejected by the
respective councils, "continues the story.

For his part,
The teacher clarified that the situation was partly caused by a
Director of the Upper Middle School of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP),
Place where he received threats from officials.

The teacher
several emerged in connection with the first case mentioned in the complaint
Situations in which a lawyer would be asked for advice, a fact that never happened;
Training to raise awareness among teachers would also be offered.

"Como yo yo
Those who insisted on tackling the problem were threatened at different times
some of these teachers. Time passes without anything being done. “

A case passed
because the students reported to the school that they had found one
Teacher having oral sex with a student in the cabin, case raised
by an interdisciplinary team.

“The Professor
He admitted to having committed various abuses, which prompted us to tell the first case;
he reports that he was "forced" by the "old guard" (former teacher in the
Institution) and they gave him his "harassment" … "with which he had to lock himself in a cabin
certain failing students and not out until I "passed" […] which became a custom, "he explained.

The teacher made it clear
that with a third change of administration it became clear that there was more
Teachers and staff involved in actions that protect themselves.

“Harassment towards
My person and gender violence were diverse, even personal
Woman i reserve now […] sent drone messages to my phone
what I denounced; the situation that I have described in more detail in cases
corresponding; it got so bad that I had to protect myself, mine
Life was in serious danger, "he added.

Finally, given the harassment process and the situations described, they forced the teacher to accept a" voluntary resignation "decided by the school board," because he wanted to defend himself Student integrity, "he accused.

Candelaria Yañez's public complaint

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