Is Elementor Pro Worthy to Buy?

Elementor Pro is one of the best website builder plugins which is used mainly for WordPress.Here we are with the review of Elementor pro. Let’s discuss it here

Is Elementor Pro Worthy to Buy? 2

Elementor Pro Review 2019. Is Elementor Pro Worthy?

Elementor pro is a popular newly developed plugin. And it has an option simple plug and play builder which it is included in all their themes. It is designed by the Pojo Themes team with 12 WordPress plugins.

Taking about Elementor, it has the free version and the Pro version which is paid.

If you are a newbie, you better go with the free version and start building blog posts and pages and it also has many benefits. But if you are a programmer and want to access much, go with the Pro version that it includes much more features than the free version.

Here are some of the features you get with Elementor Pro:

  • Access to new widgets. It is the main advantage in the pro version.  you can access to new widgets whereas, in the free version, you will have only a limited widget.
  • Access to new templates. Here in the pro version, you will have many templates to include in your post.
  • Form builder. While talking about WordPress in other websites, we have to download a plugin to access the contact form functionality. But in Elementary Pro, we have built-in functionality for WordPress plugin.
  • Theme builder. Using Elementor pro, it is one of my favorites of all. You can build your own themes.
  • Online store integration. You can construct  WooCommerce-based online store with WooCommerce Builder.
  • Display your templates in the sidebars and other areas of your site
  • Full WooCommerce support for creating custom e-commerce stores
  • Built-in slider tool
  • Edit forms through the live editor
  • Create global color palettes and font libraries for site-wide consistency
  • Over 600 Google Fonts to work with
  • Detailed mobile responsive controls and settings
  • Multilingual and RTL text support
  • Add custom CSS to page designs
  • Detailed documentation with tutorial videos

User Interface in Elementor pro

A user interface is a powerful tool for any site.

How does it work?

  • Start with the page builder,
  • Click on the Edit with Elementor button
  • After the page has loaded, Start with Template or your own custom page.
  • It has multiple sections.
  • Every section has its own column structure, it is used to design Modules to your pages like images, videos and more
  • User can quickly drag modules and place in your page
  • check-in live user interface of your design
  • Global color schemes, this feature helps to seize, width, heights of the design.

Elementor Pro details on Templates
In Elementor Pro, you can import and customize your page and also it includes a huge variety of high-quality templates.

It overall covers all the pages of the website like home page, Archive, contact us

As mentioned you can customize by adding or removing anything. Also, multiple templates can be included.

Then you can save your custom design in the library for future use.

Elementor Pro details on Elements
The next feature Elementor Pro is its elements.
You can easily move any element  to add it in your page
You can add any widget without any limit that comes with WordPress and even if it is via third-party plugins, can be inserted into your page designs with Elementor Pro.

Using global widgets. And also you can save it for later use.

Elementary Theme Builder Feature
This site has a special feature that is the Theme Builder feature, where you can customize your themes.
We can use this feature to create a custom header, footer, and other website templates.
At first, we can design custom post or page using elementor. Now, you can also create unique header and footer website, and we can also add/edit templates.

Dynamic Widgets
It also has dynamic widgets for creating theme templates for deciding when and where your custom layouts are used on your site

Also, it is possible to create multiple conditions like when to display them, and when not to. We can also archive template for posts in a certain category. For example, we can display content with a specific author.

Anyone can use this theme building feature even if you are not a programmer.

How to install Elementor pro

To install or activate Elementor pro, it doesn’t take even 10 minutes.

  • As we all know, Elementor Pro is an extension to a free Elementor plugin. So, first, you have to download and install the free version of Elementor.
  • After that purchase the Elementor pro.
  • While purchasing, create details of your personal download page.
  • Log in to your account download the plugin’s zip file after that upload/install it to your WordPress.
  • activate the Pro version in the member dashboard at
  • copy the license key
  • paste it to Elementor Pro’s license options in WordPress
  • After that, the element of Elementor Pro will get activated.

Customer Support
Customer support is one of the features where everyone will looking for because if we have any issues, we just want to contact the appropriate person

But it was a bit disappointing when we came to know that this site doesn’t support the chat option, where we can easily and comfortably talk. And it will be the first option where everyone will select.

Even though it has two main support channel and they are knowledge base and email support.

Knowledge Base
We have experienced some problem with this feature as some of the support videos were out of date.

Because Elementor Pro UI has changed over the versions. So, it was a bit frustrating to find the route to watch the video.

Email Support
I mist appreciate about it because they are working 24/7 support to answer our questions.
If we sent our questions, we will get answers to my questions in just a couple of hours.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro

This sites are similar to each other and have a pretty good feature. When we look at its features and pricing you can understand which one is good for you and your site.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro

Thrive Architect Features but Elementor doesn’t:

  • Excel-style Table fill
  • Table of Contents form
  • Fill Counter plus
  • Social Share Button
  • Star Rating plugin
  • Customizable Numbered List
  • Content Reveal
  • Countdown Evergreen
  • More no of icons
  • Disqus Comments

Elementor Features but Thrive Architect doesn’t:

  • Animated Headline
  • Facebook Page Like and Embed
  • Icon rotate
  • Image Carousel
  • Image Gallery
  • Number Counter
  • Flip Box
  • Portfolio
  • SoundCloud
  • WooCommerce integration

Pricing Comparison Thrive Architect vs Elementor Pro

Thrive Architect Pricing

  • 5 SITE LICENSE: $97
  • One-off payment (no subscription)
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • One year of support
  • Lifelong plugin updates
  • No free version available
  • Choose Thrive Architect

Elementor Pro Pricing

  • 3 SITE LICENSE: $99
  • One-off payment (no subscription)
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • One year of support
  • One year of plugin updates
  • Free version available

Both have the same advantages and disadvantages. But Elementor stands out with its free version. So, if you ask me, I would surely recommend Elementor pro.

Elementor Pro has three pricing levels:


  • $49 / year
  • For 1 site
  • 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro theme templates
  • Themes builder
  • Woocommerce builder
  • Pop up builder
  • Supports for 1 year
  • Updates for 1 year


  • $99 / year
  • For 3 sites
  • 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro theme templates
  • Themes builder
  • Woocommerce builder
  • Pop up builder
  • Supports for 1 year
  • Updates for 1 year


  • $199 / year
  • Unlimited site
  • 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro theme templates
  • Themes builder
  • Woocommerce builder
  • Pop up builder
  • Supports for 1 year
  • Updates for 1 year


  • prices start from 49 USD (approximately 43 Euros) per year for one site
  • If you pay more, it will cover the more sites your Elementor Pro license.
  • you will get a 25% discount on your every renewal either manually or automatically.
  • 30-day money back guarantees for new purchases.
  • If you want, you can easily cancel the subscription.

Elementor pro vs beaver builder

Even though both have drag and drop page builder option. Let's have detailed information about both of them.
Elementor Pro Pros

  • Great variety of content widgets and templates
  • Colorful user-interface
  • The free version has many great features and it is only $49 to upgrade to the full version

Elementor Pro Cons

  • The interface is not as fast as alternative solutions
  • Content widget panel requires you to scroll up and down to find the content you want
  • The interface could be more intuitive

Beaver Builder Pros

  • The interface loads quickly and is easy to use
  • Templating system works really well
  • Good variety of content widgets and all are accessible without scrolling

Beaver Builder Cons

  • Expensive when you consider the cost of alternatives
  • Needs more module customization and styling options
  • Beaver Theme and Multisite Support are not included in the standard license

So if you do not have a specific reason to choose beaver builder. I would recommend you to choose Elementor pro.

Conclusion: do we recommend this?

Yes, of course, why not.

As it is very easy to use and do not need programming skills to use this. You can make a custom design for your WordPress website using the page builder interface.

Also, you can speed up the design process and make what you actually needed using a live preview of your page while you work.

Even though it is a new page builder, it has many features for users to choose from and always that will its advantages.

We will get impressed by its selection of high quality, modern pre-built designs.

You can feel free to ask any question on this plugin, Use the comment section.

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