Most Common WordPress Mistakes

Common WordPress Mistakes should avoid if you’re maintaining a WordPress blog. Here we explained major Common WordPress Mistakes. Check how to avoid those mistakes in a simple way. These are common if you are a beginner. But you should use this checklist to maintain a long term blog.

Common WordPress Mistakes should avoid

Common WordPress Mistakes should avoid To Improve SEO

Forgetting to set up permalinks

When creating a post or page on your website, your page will automatically create a URL for that page.

You can also set the format, but it normally comes with the plain text. Plain text URL oracles have normally a number. So, if we leave that way it will not at all looks good. It will also hurt your SEO because of its long URL. So, our recommendation is to go to settings> post name. As it does not have any numbers in between.

Using a Free Theme

As using a free theme, feels comfortable. But it will cause you frustration at some point when it is not run as you want. If it is not from the reputed company, it will never give you the theme or plugin you want. Also, it will affect your SEO. In that case, we recommend XTheme

Over Customizing Your Theme

Normally, for customizing a site it will take up to 3 months of hard work. And also you will get messed up with its features, CSS code, HTML code, etc. When you see all your hard word becomes no meaning, you will hate that situation. So, it is recommended to use the better theme that is XTheme. Also, do less customization, if you want to do.

Writing Too Short of Posts

Usually, people think that writing to a short and readable post will increase their data traffic. But it is not. So, to increase your blog performance just write long, healthy content. It will always get the best traffic.

Not resizing Images

When you put some image in your site, it may look compact and attractive. But it not. Even if it looks smaller, it never gonna deal with the size of the image and keep as it is. It may affect your page loading speed. Usually, for smaller images go for 350 pixels and for larger one go for 900 pixels.

Too Many Plugins

It will always cause a problem, as you have too many plugins. You do not know always which to use first when your site is down. So you have to go to each plugin and fix it. Always have 8-10 plugins as it is enough for your site to run greatly. Only add plugin if you really need it, do not add it as you want any fancy features.

Using a password, That is Easy to Guess

There are many in computer site, who runs code continuously also try again and again to get your password. So, always use a unique password that you do not use anywhere else. To get a unique password, go to where you can get a unique and strong password. This site is totally free.

Using a junky host

Just for getting a fancy site, do not use too much of money. Some of the hosts can not able to handle the traffic. So it is important to find the good host. Of you do not know how to do it. Go to there will be lots of tutorials to find the good host.

Trying to SEO Your Way to Traffic

Even though, you usually use all the tips and tricks to make a good SEO. It will give you only a few amounts of traffic. So, Always try to write healthy content that will normally make your traffic to rise high.

Using junky images

Buying stack follows for all of your articles is considered to be pricy. Go to to get know about the company to download tons of images but it cost a little bit high. And also do not use cheesy or fake images that can not able to accepted by all. So, always use genuine pictures for your site.

Missing out on amazon commission

We all know that every single site has some business products or some products that they advertise. By using amazon commission you can start earning commission almost immediately. It only just takes only a few minutes.

Failing to block spam

It is really important to block spam on your site. As it causes, many problems to your site to run it properly. If your not gonna do anything to block spam, you will get in trouble so easily.

Failing to test your social media button

It is easy to insert any social media button on your site using the plugin. But if you did not test it about its working, you will lose almost all the views you got.

Overdoing it on social media

Days ago, many use social media account and advertise about them, if they wanted to start a blog. But now the time has changed. You should not only try fully about social media. And only a few clients like social media work. So, do not depend much on social media. It will work occasionally. So, try to write good quality content. It will work at its best.

Making your block too nice

Even though you write with worlds best writing skills, it is just another block to your readers. As they will go through many sites daily. So, you have to do it in a different way than others to make your site stand out.

Setting up your site on and not on

You have to set up your site on as it will keep all your hostings safe and secure. But if you do not sign up in you can not able to download free software. So, you also have to set up your site on both.

Not backing up your website

At some point, your WordPress will get messed up at least for once. So, it is needed to always keeps backups. Otherwise, you will lose your huge works. In that case, we recommend Bluehost as it always keeps backup code for users. If you call them, they will get back your data. And also do not forget to keep your local backup.

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