Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites

Check this Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites.

Themes help to improve the performance of the website and it will convert the standard blog to a powerful publishing platform.

There are many paid and premium themes are available. But it is difficult for the users to select which is the best themes. Use Demo Download WordPress themes for business websites. Remember only use responsive WordPress themes for business websites.

Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites 2019

Here simple business WordPress themes and their pros as well as their cons.

Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites

Divi Theme – Simple Business WordPress Theme

The first and best WordPress theme for small business is Divi. When you step into the Divi, you must feel like this is the best WordPress experience. Also, you can easily use this and customize it in every possible way.

You can easily toggle with its sections using its drag and drop option. Using its split testing option, you can see your site optimization results.

You can have different types of page builders, also many pre-built templates from scratch. As well as it has multiple homepage options.

You can also buy additional plugin if you need any. It has layouts for text and image layouts, buttons, galleries, blockquotes and so on. It provides woo commerce support for using eCommerce sites.

Divi is a WordPress theme which is design by elegant themes. Its price range is $89 per year for yearly access or $249 for lifetime access. It has responsive WordPress themes for business websites.

There are many pros and some cons about this theme. Let’s jump into the topic.

Divi Themes


1) Visual drag and drop builder

This feature helps ever nonprogrammer to build a WordPress document like a pro.

You can easily edit the page and change what exactly you want.

We can also view the page in wireframe view that is one of the views where we can see the layout of the themes like columns and rows of the page.

It also has an intuitive view that allows users to see the changes visually. It is actually one the visual treat to someone who wants to see the changes lively.

2) Approachable web design

Mobile Friendly

3) Divi library

It is used to store the layout, designs, rows, modules.

We can also save the document for temporary use. If we want we can delete it.

4) Monarch: Social Media WordPress Plugin

It is known as a social media WordPress plugin.

You can customize or you can add and arrange all the social media from 20 social media sites.

5) Bloom: Email Opt-In WordPress Plugin

Bloom will help you with your email subscribers to reach your selected email marketing software.

6) Elegant theme shortcodes

It added many shortcuts for your software like buttons, boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshow, and author info. This all creates the admin to word more charming without any tiredness. Because it will increase your mood and spice it.

7) Theme options

This option allows you to customize content like

  • integration ( which allows you to add codes)
  • SEO ( increase your rank on search engine results page )
  • Ads (to advertise your business)

8) Increase our knowledge

Elegant themes allow us to learn many tips, tricks as well as gives free labor and also allow us to learn basic knowledge like CSS, diva hacks by posting daily posts on their site


1) Make Bloats

Divi has heavy loaded programs to run at the background that cause bloats.

2) Steep learning curve

Divi, the majestic website has many features, so we have to master them to create the best website.

3) limited and restricted

There are no options available to customize some programs in the theme.

Newspaper Theme – Best WordPress Theme for Business with Slider

Newspaper theme was designed by tagDiv to allow the user to create an article based website.This is the best WordPress theme for business with slider

Newspaper Theme - Best WordPress Theme for Business with Slider



It allows the user to toggles over more than 15 header style with the search bar in the navigation menu. Also enable mega menu in it


We can add our social media sites like Instagram in the footer menu and we can also add the logo in footer like the header. It has over 14 footer styles in it.


If we want to add any advertisement in any specific space and size, this theme will help you out. Because we can customize our add size according to which device we are using

4)Theme color, post and template setting

You can add a specific template for even a small notification like 404, archive, author, blog post, etc.

We can toggle over show/hide featured images and additional features like date, author box, post views, tags, comment count, author name, category, tags. And it provides direct Instagram or facebook button to provide direct access to all media without a third-party interface.

By the theme colors/theme fonts tag of the settings page, we can toggle with an accent, header, footer, menu, page/post title, H1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 elements color, and font.

5)Custom code and export, import

We can easily custom the theme code and we can also easily export and import file we wanted.


It is one of the rare themes to provide AMP feature that is Google’s proxy-based CDN program called Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Even though it has many pros, it is free from any negative side. So the user can use it with full confidence without any fear.

X Themes – Modern Business WordPress Theme

Best Wordpress Themes for Small Business Websites 1

X theme was sold by ThemeForest. one of the best WordPress theme for small business websites.Huge list of Demos.


Reachable for newbie

If you are new to the website or WordPress it will help you with some easy themes that it does not needs any coding in it.

Stacks with demos

X Themes - Modern Business WordPress Theme Demo

It gives you more than 30 demos that are split into four different categories. They are also known as stacks. The four categories namely Integrity, Renew, Icon, Ethos All the demos are customizable.


  • It has many shortcodes and buttons.
  • Boxed layout
  • Fullwidth
  • There are 4 different navigation options available in the theme, they are Fixed top; Fixed left; Fixed right, Static top
  • Full WooCommerce integration.
  • One page sites
  • Megamenus included
  • 600+ Google fonts.
  • Social sharing buttons included with third-party access
  • Demos
  • Automatic updates are also available.


  • The problem started when they decided to build a complicated interface to build some custom headers and footers.
  • It has many themes so it is difficult for the person to learn about its feature easily.
  • It is not the best option if you want minimal themes

Uncode Theme – Professional Business Website Theme and Templates

Uncode Theme pricing is about $59 for a single site license. It is also from theme forest.

Uncode Theme - Professional Business Website Theme and Templates



It gives many updates to improve its performance and make the website strong to attract many.

3)Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

It is used to create a page that is the way we wanted. You can easily edit the page and change what exactly the way you wanted. You can easily toggle with and change or move where it want to be located


It allows you to create your plugins for social media access. It also supports third-party access.

It also contains plugins like the powerful Slider Revolution and Layer Slider slideshow builder to make an attractive presentation.


It supports some of the major edits that we make in a website like

  • Portfolio, Blog, E-commerce and Corporate projects


  • Even though it has many features available in the themes, it does not contains proper demos in it
  • It is more difficult to add different fonts to different sections.

Pofo Theme – Portfolio Theme for Small Business

Pofo is used to make an eye-catching portfolio and its price range is $59.

pofo themes


Seo friendly

It has one of the best features, that is Schema implementation and microformats that allows SEO optimization . its load speed for the theme is 3.2 seconds for a page with 955KB in size.


It has a wide range of features like

  • 8 classic homepages
  • 7 creative homepages
  • 8 portfolio homepages
  • 4 blog homepages styles
  • 230 + demos
  • Understandable and customizable
  • Well documented and structured
  • Slider Revolution plugin(lets you build good looking and attractive portfolio content)
  • It contains woo commerce to support your business.


For portfolio, it’s a bit difficult to make WordPress document but we can make it anyway with a bit difficult as it especially for portfolio

Stockholm Theme – Small Business Website Theme

Stockholm is one of the famous themes that is download by many in crazy numbers. Now we are gonna look about its pros and cons

Stockholm Theme - Small Business Website Theme


Wide range of demos

It has a wide range of demos. which includes portfolios, agencies, blogs, hotels, landing pages, restaurants,eCommerce shops, local businesses,one-page themes.


It also contains a visual composer.


There are 13 widgets and 14-page templates are available in this package and have even opted to add many widgets. Some the themes are portfolio galleries, counters, call to action text with button, styled blockquotes, pie charts, pricing tables.


  • Even though it is the best theme, during customization some loss has occurred while switching the themes like your testimonials, portfolio items, contact form, sliders and more are lost If you stopped using plugins your visual composer also get broken. step learning curve occurs and also it is difficult to configure the theme. Takes a lot of time and run slowly. Back up also not so well

Bridge Theme – Low-Cost WordPress Theme for Business Website

Bridge theme is one of the themes developed by ThemeForest. it is the theme which has many features, flexibility, and ease of use.

We are going to see its review



They have over 100+ unique demos available for their users to make their website


While talking about the background they can able to use full-size background or they can able to customize it.

To give your page more visual depth you can use parallax layer to make it more attractive and interactive.


This themes have visual composer, which is one of the rare tools in drag and drop page builder to customize your page in which way you want.

It also has Layers Slider which allows the user to create a slideshow, CSS animation, video effects and also 3 d effects. Mega menu is also available for customization.

More features are

  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • 80+ Shortcodes
  • Translation Ready with full RTL support
  • Built-in Portfolio, Gallery, Testimonials
  • Masonry grid layout
  • Sticky header
  • Call to action buttons
  • CSS 3 animations
  • Ajax page transitions
  • Infographics and counters
  • Font Awesome and Font Elegant icon packs
  • Social Buttons
  • Full-screen search
  • Full-screen menus


  • There are many users who claim that they didn’t get the theme which they saw in demos at their sites. So it made us edit by our own

The core Theme – WordPress Theme for Web Development Company

The core is the stylish theme designed by mojo market. Now its time for its review


Header and footer

This theme allows as to customize header and footer.we can also add social media buttons in it.


We can easily edit the width of the document, not by editing its code.Even you can easily customize it.

Demos and themes

Contains 16 demo options and there are 20+ themes to customize.


No cons

Massive Dynamic Theme- Responsive WordPress Theme for Business

Versatile feature

This theme has its own front end page builder that is known as a massive builder that makes this app more specific and unique. With that builder, we can able to see the changes we make without refreshing the page.


it can help you to make the best website without any coding. if you want you can also customize the themes and supports e-commerce.


No concs

The Gem – Business Website Templates Bootstrap

TheGem is a new software which is used to create WordPress theme and it is developed by codex themes. Its price is about $59 for six months


1)Easy for newbie

Theme is considered as user-friendly.


This website has a wide range of demos to work. it has more than 48+ demos like create Agency, App, Business, Creative, Landing Page, One Page, Online Shop, Photography, Portfolio.


Customization option tool

This option allows you to make customization and to mix match the demos and to create your own design.

slideshow tool

Slider Revolution and Layer Slider power plugins are available in the theme by using this we can advanced presentation and slideshow for you.

Visual Composer

Yes, you heard it right. it has one of the famous and rate visual composer that is available in WordPress. It is the tool in the most popular drag-and-drop page builder tools, to customize your own website.


  • Website security ( helps your website load faster and also reduces dependence on third-party plugins from unknown developers)
  • High-Quality User Support
  • Site speed is fast.


  • Does not have support from WordPress Customizer


Extra comes up with lots of WordPress features like mega menu, scoring system, layout, etc. It is one of the best themes for blogs as well as it is best for reviews.

For example, if you are writing a product review, you can add a rating, starts and a quick summary of the product. It makes the content more interesting to readers.

You can actually build inside a blog post as it has a builder and you also add a video to your thumbnail. If you are a blogger for reviewing a product, you can go with this site.

As it offers more for reviewing a site or product and also it has all social media icons for sharing.

Thrive architecture

Thrive architecture is in place number 9. In this theme, you can make many customizations and just make your own theme.

As this feature is increasing nowadays, it is no need to download a theme anymore. Because everyone wants to create their own theme.

It is super easy to make websites using this site. It has many features. For example, in its drag and drop feature, we can easily press then drag and finally, we can put it in the place we want.

If you want to add columns, rows or text you can easily do with its drag and drop feature.

And also you want your customer to manage your site to change anything without any delay. You can go with thrive architecture.

As well as its main disadvantage is its cost. It is a little expensive that is $69 for every domain. Also, you can not able to use it on other domain.

Business lounge

Next, there is a Business lounge, that is in place number 8. It is one of those under the rated theme. As many of us does not know about the theme. It has a header( customizable), footer( has overlapping effects), and the shop.

It is filled with beautiful themes and also many customizations also available in this site. It is best for the shop, you can also add a description if you want.

It also comes with a custom header. You can easily customize a specific custom header for every single page. And it has tons of templates, 30+ variety of pages, blog layout specially for elementor, and also visual compositor is used.


The seventh one is the Marketfy. It has EDT platform, so we can use this a selling platform. It is not woocommerce. You can use this platform to build your own websites.

It has the highest rated theme and we can download them easily and has many set up options. For example, it has one button demo importer where you can buy a product for yourself or for a specific vendor.

It is similar to woocommerce, where you can just click on the product and have its definition. Here page loaders are working as widgets.

I recommend this to you, if you want a specific product and customize it easily. And it if prefer digital downloads EDT is the best option than woocommerce. You can take over much control to your site.

Newspaper 8

And the sixth one is in Newspaper 8. If you are using a review website, you can go with this theme. It has lots of features and we can customize it easily. And it is specifically designed for the blog. It comes with a mega menu.

For example, you can easily change its grid style as it has 20 different styles. As we as change the color to emphasize your text.

And also we can download the pictures and text while downloading templates. It has a different variety of page builder. We also have drag and drop option, header and footer. We can categories it easily.


The fifth one is Onshine. It has one of its very own page builder called TATSU. It makes our page really clean and neat. It has a template section, blog section and so on.

Let’s have a look at the working of TATSU. It has sections to split your content. And just like elements in other themes, it has a module list where they have many little modifications.

We can set many special titles too, also we can easily change font styles. We can do all these using drag and drop options. It is somewhat little similar to other themes.

You can simply add a section by going home icon and also can delete that setting easily. So, this theme is one the user-friendly theme.


The fourth one is Bryte. This theme is best for elementor theme. While talking about this theme it has a wide range of templates with it. It has bitcoin home page theme, also have templates for it.

There are some many features available that make these theme different from other themes. Here you do not have a different layout for header and footer, you can mix and match them to create a new one.

It has totally 15 template, 7 headers, and free slider revolution as well as with templates for the slider.

And below the page, you can see a grey section for editing. It only shows up only we login editing. Otherwise, it won’t show up. They have specific layout and post formats for those people who are in the blog and post section.

They also have an innovative plugin for shops.

Massive Dynamic

The third one is Massive Dynamic. It is considered as one of the underrated themes. And have its own page builders as well as has many templates.

It has one the best page builder considering to other themes. For example, if you want to add any sections, just made a click at the appropriate place. You will be provided with a menu. Then just drag and drop the section in the place you want.

You can also customize any spacing between the sections. You can also duplicate any rows. It supports woo commerce. It is considered as the user-friendly theme.

They have templates for blog, post, shop, business, etc.

I would recommend this theme if you are thinking to change your already existing theme. Because of its simple and elegant feature.


And the second on is Flatsome is one of the famous sites for woocommerce. They have over 500 templates. You can use it and store for later use. And it is fully customizable like for your shop, for a product, for checking out and so on.

In their studio, they have over 500+ layouts for the woo commerce page. You have to just import and use this.

For your shop page, you can easily change over the position and 6 different styles of your page photos and pricing. It also has quick view features. And also it has a radius to change the width and length of the picture.

Its cart and check out features is also customizable.

I would recommend this site if you are looking for woocommerce. It is the best theme for e-commerce.

Here The Top list of Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites. Select as per your Business Requirement.

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