Best Marketing Automation Tools for Small Business

Marketing Automation Tools are helpful in solving millions of problem such as time and strategies that will help you out to grow fast and better. The marketing automation tools play a vital role for small business but one has to choose the right tool for that, there are many tools in the market which claims to make automation easy but not all one they are up to the mark or can help you out in your problems. It is a bit difficult to know about the best tool for your business which can benefit you in a different way.

Best Marketing Automation Tools for Small Business 2

Best Marketing Automation Tools for Small Business

Why Marketing Automation Tool is Necessary?

The tool can be game-changer for small businesses as it helps:

  • Helpful in achieving the goal of sales.
  • It is affordable and fits your necessity for business
  • Helps in decision making and sales.
  • Provides Customer Relationship Management

We give some of the best marketing automation tools below which might help you out in choosing the best:


  • OptinMonster

OptinMonster is reliable and user-friendly software which helps in building the powerful optin campaigns. It is much helpful in testing and adjusting the marketing strategies. I say Optin monster be the perfect tool for small businesses in abandoning the visitors to the users. OptinMonster is amongst the best tool for small businesses for managing their marketing strategies.

I consider optinMonster being a plug-in is created for the purpose of converting opt-in form which is helpful to get the email list rapidly. OptinMonster is very easy to use, therefore, it has an easy plug-in by which any feature can installed easily according to the use.  OptinMonster used by many users and results seen in their business is amazing, this software can bring a drastic change to the business, the best we can use i in small business, who mostly spend the time in managing the things.

What OptinMonster gives you?

Beautiful Designs

OptinMonster helps in creating the stunning opt-in forms that are optimized at the highest conversion rates. It can create various types of forms like sidebar forms, welcome gates, etc

Exit-Intent Technology

It is helpful in detecting visitors behavior and with that helps it targets the campaign that attracts the visitors to your website, basically it is all about customer relationship management which helps to grow your insights.

Page Targeting

If you wanted to show the targeted messages on a specific category, optinmonster definitely will help you out in it. It helps to build the targeted list accordingly.


OptinMonster helps to analyze the clicks, views and overall conversion rates with the help of built-in analytics.


It helps with many email marketing software like Aweber, GetResponse, Feedbitz, Sedinblue, Campaign Monitor, and also the custom HTML scripts.

OptinMonster Features

OptinMonster has many features that can help your business to explode. Some features are:

  • Content Locker
  • Targeting Audience
  • Technology related to exit alert
  • Handling Sub-Accounts
  • Removes branding
  • Visitors Recognition
  • Dynamic Rules related to display
  • New Template Designs
  • Yes/No to Popups
  • Scheduling of the campaigns
  • Dynamic Replacement of Text
  • Creates Follow up Campaigns

Advantages of OptinMonster

The advantages of OptinMonster are as follows:

  • The pop-up builder can be used easily
  • Designs of Templates are attractive
  • OptinMonster helps to work on all websites rather than just working on WordPress
  • It includes all the updates with it.
  • It also has a money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of OptinMonster

OptinMonster with the advantages has some disadvantages also which one should know before buying it:

  • Price of OptinMonster is not much affordable
  • There are certain limitations on Pageviews
  • OptinMonster is more costly as compared to competitive products.
  • It must need pro Plan for removing Branding

Why use OptinMonster?

OptinMonster, according to the research more than 70 percent of the visitors who actually visited never visits it again, if you have an online e-commerce business that this problem can be normal with you. OptinMonster will help you out to grow the email list, it helps you in improves the website conversions, there are many features which allows you to display campaigns improvises promotion which can generate more revenue from the existing traffic. OptinMonster generates lead, sales, and traffic.

OptinMonster Pricing

OptinMonster offers four different plans which are basic, plus, pro, and growth. The difference between the plans is prices but the main difference between them is the page views, number of websites supported, campaigns and the advanced features. All plans are paid.

Why OptinMonster is used by Top Brands?

We consider optin Monster being the best for working as email popup and converting optimization. OptinMonster has been leading from years and many users loved the features and the way it works. OptinMonster helps in gaining an advantage.

  • Rapid Growth of the email list
  • Helps to increase the sale
  • Retargeting onsite
  • Cart Abandonment can be reduced
  • Helps to increase the page views
  • Helps Visitors


OptinMonster Demo

Step1: Create and Modify a Campaign


Create a popup campaign and modifying the running campaigns from the dashboard of the optinmonster. Open the OptinMonster Builder by clicking on the Edit link.


Step 2: Activate Exit Intent


By clicking on exit detected displayed rule


Step 3: Utilize Page Targeting


Clicking the campaigns which will show the cart and checkout page, which targets the page URL.


Step 4: Embed the Card Abandonment Campaign


The final step is embedding the campaigns on the website which will vary depending on the websites that are being used.

Alternatives of OptinMonster

Today, many people are struggling with the email list and convert it in money. There are 3rd party services that can help websites bringing the email target subscriber but many of them think about wast of money. Most of the email building is losing revenue. They should keep one thing in mind that the person who is interested to subscribe is probably much interest in your topic.

So ignore email marketing can be risky for the website. You just have to choose the right tool for this email marketing. All the plug-ins have different features that can be helpful to improve faster and rapidly.

I say optinMonster is the best for bloggers, and email marketers who can willing to invest in the right technology. This plug-in reduces your time, it is a complete value of money. OptinMonster is used by small business and it is helpful in managing all the activities. OptinMonster converts and grabs the subscriber, it keeps adding the various features which allow your website to grow faster and rapidly. OptinMonster is amongst the top software that helps in maintaining and reaching your business to the next level.


  • Controls the Marketing Campaigns
  • Helps in designing their own campaigns
  • Helps in sending automated messages to the users.
  • Insights that improve your campaigns.

We have recommended Optin monster Pro Plan for the small businessmen. It has powerful features for integrating your business.

  • Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the best email marketing tool. It has all email campaigns which helps in growing your business. It can be used easily for building the high-converting email campaigns. Different tools are there for growing the email list. Constant Contact focuses on email marketing for users. It helps in sending the right message to the right time. Constant Contact attempts to send email for the unresponsive subscribers.


  • Tracks the emails
  • Sends the customized messages to the users.
  • Includes surveys and polls for the user feedback.
  • Helps in growing your list.

Constant Contact is free for the first one can easily test it and purchase it after he is satisfied.

  • Sendinblue

Sendinblue provides various tools for the marketing strategy. Sendinblue with its powerful toolbox makes your business run more efficiently and effectively. It is easy to use and helpful in generating leads, marketing campaigns, engages the audience, etc. The set of tools helps in communicating with the users. It has a package of all emails, campaigns, SMS, templates, etc. Everything is managed properly so that you can focus on your business.


  • Helps in increasing the traffic to your website.
  • Ensures the custom sign up form for growing the email list.
  • Time algorithm is though an important part of it.
  • Different tools and products help in Integration.

Sendinblue had many more benefits which can definitely help your business to grow fast with 

  • Drip

First of all, Drip mostly used by the eCommerce website. It helps in personalized campaigns. It helps in customer relationship management for ecommerce website. The tool helps in gathering the data of the customer and helps in creating the automated strategy to attract them. Drip is helpful in growing the sales of your business, which can lead you the other level.


  • Attracts the Customer and reach out them at large.
  • Improves your campaign
  • Helps in growing your sales.
  • Works on Customer Relationship Management.

Finally, Drip has 14 days free trial that includes the enterprise plan and custom features. This can be a smart purchase for those who have an ecommerce website.

  • Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most popular marketing software, which helps to inbound the sale and marketing for small business websites. The software is an effective resource that can be learned from marketing automation. The software uses an advanced tool that helps in monitoring the journey of the customer in real-time. Therefore it helps visitors to follow up with personalized messages or emails.


  • Follow up with the visitors.
  • Helps in customer support.
  • Conversational Bots
  • Provides free email marketing tool.

Therefore, you can start for free but adding smart content feature and marketing automation can be expensive. This is the smart choice for users.

Business owners do worried about the business plans and strategy this can help them out in different ways. This is one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and efficient. Marketing automation tool can help you save time, focuses on long growth and day to day operations. It can build a sustainable business without investing much in it. This can make your business goal efficient and you can entirely focus on other activities of a business. The mentioned marketing tool can help you out in the best way, they are in the top list of marketing. Considering one of them can be a smart decision.

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